Joe Stange

Breakout Brewer: American Solera

Tulsa’s American Solera began with a serious devotion to coolships and mixed fermentation. It has since leaned with abandon into hazy IPAs, big adjunct stouts, fruited foeder lagers, and ... pumpkin seltzer?

Recipe: Easy Hard Cider

This fairly straightforward home cider recipe makes use of saison yeast to ensure a complete fermentation, with many other variations possible.

Editors' Picks: Beer! A Love Story

We missed traveling, we missed going to bars, and we missed going to the movies. We even missed traveling to bars to watch screenings of geeky beer-documentary movies that really don’t speak to anyone else except those of us who already love those things.

Special Ingredient: Pawpaw

This tropical-flavored fruit from un-tropical places has a funny name and great potential for brewing some unusual fruited beers.

The Bricks Have Stories at 21st Street Brewer’s Bar in St. Louis

This atmospheric bar in a historic brewery cellar features pizzas and a tap list studded with local and regional stars.

Brewer’s Perspective: Brewing Bo Pils with East Brother

Paul Liszewski, head brewer of East Brother Beer in Richmond, California, maps out the schematic for their award-winning flagship pilsner—including the unusual hopping that helps to make it addictive.

Use Up Your Ingredients: Brew a Frankenstein Beer

For once, forget about planning every little detail and trying to dial everything in. (How often does that work, anyway?) Have fun, throw together some under-loved ingredients, and brew yourself a monster.

Quaffle-Bock: Brewing a More “Süffig” Doppelbock with Urban Chestnut

For advice on brewing a great doppelbock, we turned to an experienced Bavarian brewer: Florian Kuplent, cofounder and brewmaster of Urban Chestnut in St. Louis and the Hallertau.

Recipe: Forks in the Road Loral Saison/Lager

Here’s an example of split-batch brewing, with a batch that diverges post-boil to become both a hoppy lager and a saison. It's also a SMASH brew—single malt, single hop—leaning into German pilsner and lovely, lemony Loral.

Divide & Conquer: Practice the Art of the “Splatch”

Consider the possibilities of split-batch brewing—to get twice the variety without a lot more work.