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The Rarest Barrel: Taking the Long Way

A brief chapter in the latest adventures of the “Rarest Barrel,” pH1.

Surveying Belgium’s Modern-Day Saison Landscape

Even in 20th century Belgium, “saison” was interpreted in different ways. Those interpretations continue to branch off into myriad ways today.

Brasserie de la Senne’s Yvan De Baets Explains Saison’s Greatest Myth: the Yeast

Yvan De Baets, cofounder and head brewer at the Brasserie de la Senne in Brussels, has been researching (and brewing) saison for more than two decades. He has argued that “yeast is the biggest myth about saison.” We asked him to elaborate.

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Brewing the Original Oktoberfest Märzenbier

In Munich in 1872, the famous Schottenhamel tent needed more beer. Josef Sedlmayer had beer to sell ... but it was a stronger lager brewed in the Viennese style. Thanks to beer historian Andreas Krennmair, we have an educated guess about the recipe.

Recipe: L’Esprit de Blaugies Spelt Saison

Based on some details shared by Pierre-Alex Carlier, here is a homebrew recipe inspired by the world-classic Saison d’Epeautre.

Saison: A Story in Motion

Saison is a dynamic creature—ever-evolving, open to interpretation, and grounded in a myth that is basically true. It chafes at hermetically sealed definitions and style guidelines. Plot twist: You get to write its next chapter.

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Recipe: Brussels Beer Project Babylone

This “bread IPA,” with a profile like a big, bitter British ESB, gets extra character and body from the addition of crusty, unsold loaves from Brussels supermarkets—promoting a less wasteful economy while suggesting new avenues for flavor experimentation.

Special Ingredient: Brewing with Bread

Don’t let that extra loaf go to waste—try throwing it into your mash tun. Here, Sam Fleet of Brussels Beer Project breaks down the unexpected benefits of brewing with bread.

Heading for Shelter (with Lager) at the Roost in Washington, D.C.

From our Love Handles series on beer bars we love, this session-focused, lager-loving pub inside a modern food hall features highly trained beer service and a range of culinary options.

Breakout Brewer: American Solera

Tulsa’s American Solera began with a serious devotion to coolships and mixed fermentation. It has since leaned with abandon into hazy IPAs, big adjunct stouts, fruited foeder lagers, and ... pumpkin seltzer?