Joe Stange

The Perils of Weizenbock

Weizenbock is so dangerously easy to drink, but the brewing process behind a great weizenbock is surprisingly complicated. It may be worth the trouble, since its potential for easygoing mass appeal remains largely untapped.

Brewer’s Perspective: Going Gluten-Free with Ghostfish

The production team at one of the world’s most accomplished gluten-free breweries lays out the alternative routes they take to making great-tasting beer—without barley, wheat, or oats.

Hey, Let’s Meet for Jalapeño Cheeseburgers and Lager at the Crown & Anchor in Austin

From our Love Handles files on beer bars we love: This unpretentious pub near the University of Texas is light on frills and heavy on local craft.

Editors’ Picks: Playing Games with Beer

The proliferation of time-wasting app games in recent years has inevitably included some related to beer. But are any worth playing? That depends entirely on how you value your time. We tried them out, so that you don’t have to.

Partake in Pork-Belly Poutine and Large Krugs of Lager at Seattle’s Queen Anne Beerhall

From our Love Handles files for great beer bars: This spacious palace of hospitality trades in well-regarded comfort food and tall krugs of lager and ale.

Special Ingredient: Flying Ants

Known as chicatanas, these crunchy leafcutter ants are a delicacy of regional Mexican cooking—and they have a flavor profile that may be oddly compatible with your darker, richer beers.

Metamodern Tastes in Country Beer, Part III: Antidoot Wilde Fermenten

“We had the idea that what’s lacking somehow today is this stubbornness, to stick to something—and to create something distinct in that way,” says Tom Jacobs. “For us, we want to do something that lasts.”

Metamodern Tastes in Country Beer, Part II: Kemker Kultuur

“I could buy conventional grain and save some thousands of bucks per year, but then I don’t have anything to tell,” Jan Kemker says. “I don’t know if we need to call it terroir. It’s liquid storytelling, I think.”

Metamodern Tastes in Country Beer, Part I: Eik & Tid

In various places around the world, brewers are choosing to limit their choices and root their beer in its place. In the first part of a triptych, here’s a look at Norway’s Eik & Tid and its kveik-fermented, oak-aged, mixed-culture raw ales.

For Those About to Rock: Practical Tips on Stone Beer

Ready to build a fire and brew a traditional stone beer at home? Grab your tongs and get ready to rock.