Video Tip: Working with Modern Kit and Ingredients to Dial In Old-Fashioned Beers

Our Mutual Friend co-owner and head brewer Jan Chodkowski outlines several things to consider when working with today’s equipment and ingredients to craft tasty yet historically grounded beers.

Video Tip: Brewing Beers from the Past with What You Have Today

From sourcing old-fashioned ingredients to aiming for authentic flavor, Our Mutual Friend head brewer Jan Chodkowski outlines an approach to brewing historically inspired beers in a modern craft brewery.

Video Course: Brewing Historically Inspired Smoked Beers with Our Mutual Friend

Jan Chodkowski, head brewer and co-owner of Denver’s Our Mutual Friend, outlines his approach to brewing historically inspired, highly drinkable, smoke-forward beers.

Recipe: Our Mutual Friend Stjørdalsøl

In collaboration with the Colorado Farm Brewery, Denver’s Our Mutual Friend produces this strong, dark, heavily smoky Stjørdal-inspired ale once each winter.