Video Tip: Brewing Smoky Grodziskie with 100 Percent Wheat

Jan Chodkowski, head brewer and co-owner of Denver’s Our Mutual Friend, highlights the challenges and rewards of mashing, brewing, and drinking their all-wheat grodziskie.

Video Tip: The Challenges and Quirks of Brewing Smoky Stjørdalsøl

Jan Chodkowski, co-owner and head brewer at Denver’s Our Mutual Friend, describes the rustic malting process and brewing considerations behind strong, intensely smoky Stjørdalsøl—a Norwegian farmhouse style that they brew once per year.

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Our Mutual Friend co-owner and head brewer Jan Chodkowski outlines several things to consider when working with today’s equipment and ingredients to craft tasty yet historically grounded beers.

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From sourcing old-fashioned ingredients to aiming for authentic flavor, Our Mutual Friend head brewer Jan Chodkowski outlines an approach to brewing historically inspired beers in a modern craft brewery.

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Jan Chodkowski, head brewer and co-owner of Denver’s Our Mutual Friend, outlines his approach to brewing historically inspired, highly drinkable, smoke-forward beers.

Recipe: Our Mutual Friend Stjørdalsøl

In collaboration with the Colorado Farm Brewery, Denver’s Our Mutual Friend produces this strong, dark, heavily smoky Stjørdal-inspired ale once each winter.