Use Up Your Ingredients: Brew a Frankenstein Beer

For once, forget about planning every little detail and trying to dial everything in. (How often does that work, anyway?) Have fun, throw together some under-loved ingredients, and brew yourself a monster.

Recipe: Urban Chestnut Hallertau Wolamot Doppelbock

Brewed once per year at Urban Chestnut’s brewery in Wolnzach, in the heart of Bavaria’s hop-growing Hallertau region, here is a homebrew-scale recipe for the strong, malty, mahogany-colored beer named for the town’s 8th-century founder.

Quaffle-Bock: Brewing a More “Süffig” Doppelbock with Urban Chestnut

For advice on brewing a great doppelbock, we turned to an experienced Bavarian brewer: Florian Kuplent, cofounder and brewmaster of Urban Chestnut in St. Louis and the Hallertau.

Back to the Future: The Boil Rumble Takes Melvin Brewing Full Circle

Melvin’s Boil Rumble competition—organized this year in cooperation with Craft Beer & Brewing—has roots in a passion for homebrewing and the brewery’s DNA as a 20-gallon kitchen startup.

Full Video: Brewing Black Is Beautiful Imperial Stout with Weathered Souls

Marcus Baskerville, cofounder and head brewer of Weathered Souls in San Antonio, lays out his top-to-bottom approach to brewing big but balanced imperial stouts—including the history-making Black Is Beautiful.

ProBrew’s ProCarb Systems Make Tiny Bubbles for Giant Results

Here’s how science, technology, and the need for stable beer transformed the carbonation game.

Podcast Episode 184: Annie Johnson Embraces the Homebrewer’s Sense of Exploration

Annie Johnson has worked professionally in brewing, but she never gave up homebrewing or enjoying the adventure that comes with it—from reverse-engineering historical recipes to improving her brewing by becoming a beer judge.

Editors’ Picks: Doppelbock

The best doppelbocks eschew excessive sweetness and embrace balance—despite offering deep malt complexity and festive, brain-tickling strength. Here are five we love.

Recipe: Mitten Winds IPA

This is an ideal recipe for trying out the cold-and-short method of dry hopping—in this iteration, with fruity Michigan-grown Chinook, but you can sub in whatever hops you want to test.

Rethinking Dry Hops: Quicker, Colder … and Better?

Many of us these days seem to dry hop like that old joke about voting—early and often. Drew Beechum makes the counterintuitive case for the “cold-and-short” method.