POS Fee Structures: The Difference Between Interchange Plus & Flat-Rate Processing

Point of sale (POS) processing fee structures can sound complicated at first, but it’s critical to understand the difference between them so you can make the best decision for your brewery and your profits.

Video Tip: Getting the Most from Your Adjuncts in Flavored Stouts

From ball bearings to infusion tanks, Maplewood founder Adam Cieslak and special projects lead Adam Smith offer technical advice on how to best extract the flavors from ingredients such as coconut and coffee.

Recipe: Bergsteiger India Pale Lager

IPL is about making sure the “L” part—lager—is getting its due. With this recipe, the idea is make something that’s clearly a lager but also features hops in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the palate or the grist.

Lisa Allen and Kevin Davey Launch New Venture at Heater Allen

Heater Allen’s head brewer and the inventor of cold IPA are joining forces to launch lager-centric Gold Dot Beer in McMinnville, Oregon.

Podcast Episode 293: Old Nation’s Travis Fritts Applies German Training and Precision to Hazy IPA

Michigan’s Old Nation didn’t set out to brew hazy IPA. Yet when they tackled the project, they did it with the analytical rigor one would expect from disciplined brewers trained to brew lagers.

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Recipe: Alesong Terroir

With thanks to Brian and Doug Coombs and Matt Van Wyk, cofounders of Alesong in Eugene, Oregon, here’s a homebrew-scale recipe for the base beer that they use for their co-fermentations with local fruit.

Cooking with IPA: Ahi Tuna Aguachile

A well-chosen IPA adds a tropical splash to this simple yet delicious riff on aguachile using sushi-grade tuna.

Fruit Without Fear: Embracing Natural Inoculation

Borrowing a page from winemakers, some brewers are pitching freshly picked fruit instead of slurry, taking advantage of the natural yeast and bacteria on their skins—a process that requires a leap of faith and the best, ripest fruit you can find.

Video Tip: Selecting Roasted Grains to Balance Big Imperial Stouts

In this clip from their video course, Maplewood founder Adam Cieslak and head brewer Roger Cuzelis explain how they go about balancing the residual sugars in their higher-gravity stouts by adjusting their roasted grains.

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Recipe: Foam Constant Conversations

From Foam Brewers in Burlington, Vermont, comes this recipe for a mixed-culture plum beer—also featuring lavender and lemon zest—that gets its vibrant hue from the addition of butterfly pea flowers.