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Recipe: Perennial Take 10 Imperial Stout

This homebrew recipe is based on Perennial’s dessert-stout riff on a sweet-and-salty pretzel-stuffed chocolate bar.

Podcast 173: Marcus Baskerville of Weathered Souls Brews Beautiful Stouts

The cofounder of Weathered Souls and creator of the Black is Beautiful initiative discusses his thoughtful approach to crafting stouts that both express his viewpoint and appeal to his own palate.

Gearhead: Monster Mashes & Tuns of Fun

As brewers pursue ever higher gravities for richer, stronger, thicker stouts, something immediately becomes clear: Most breweries weren’t made for this. Here’s a closer look at how breweries are adjusting for huge grists, long boils, and viscous beers.

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Full Video: Award-Winning Beer Quality with Jonathan Reeves

Northern Virginia’s Port City Brewing has been a perennial GABF medal-winner since its founding a decade ago. In this video course, Jonathan Reeves shares his top-to-bottom approach to ensuring technical excellence in the brewing program.

Special Ingredient: Pretzels

You munch on a pretzel, you take a gulp. It’s obvious: Pretzels have always made beer taste better. So why not just add them directly?

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Recipe: Blind Pig Inaugural Ale

Courtesy of Russian River’s Vinnie Cilurzo, this recipe aims to replicate the first beer he brewed at Blind Pig in 1994—and what is regarded to be the first commercially brewed double IPA.

Podcast Episode 172: Zack Adams of Fox Farm Takes an Iterative But Exacting Approach to Traditional Styles

Fox Farm makes IPAs, yes, but an equally important part of their program is exploring brewing traditions—from tightly constructed lagers to thoughtfully executed English-style ales, Belgian-style farmhouse ales, and more.

Anchorage’s Gabe Fletcher Picks an Elegant & Quirky Six-Pack

Anchorage Brewing founder Gabe Fletcher has built a national cult following by brewing niche styles with studious attention to detail. In this edition of Pick 6, his selections reflect thoughtful approaches that have influenced his own.

Beyond ‘Roasty’: The Surprising Psychology of Stout

We are visual creatures—but color is deceptive. Randy Mosher, author of Tasting Beer, shares insights to help us widen our stout vocabulary.

Recipe: American Throwback Cream Ale

Inspired by tantalizing descriptions of cream ale from the early 20th century, this recipe combines ideas from both the pre- and post-Prohibition eras—including corn in the grist, dry hopping, and above-average strength.