Meadmakers of the New School

In about a decade, mead has gone from off-the-radar for beer lovers to an attention-grabbing trend driven by bold flavors and rave reviews. So, what’s all the fuss about?

Recipe: Riggs American Lager

Riggs Beer Company in Urbana, Illinois, brews this old-school American pale lager using a traditional double-mash process. The grain bill consists of six-row base malt and whole-kernel corn.

Beer Bars We Love in Orlando, Nuremberg, and Seattle

From the Love Handles department of our April-May 2020 issue, here are three of our favorite beery destinations, from Florida to Washington state via Middle Franconia.

Five on Five: Lagers

Lagers are enjoying a moment with American brewers, as savvy drinkers discover their subtlety and nuance. But which ones do brewers themselves gravitate toward? We asked five for their faves.

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Full Video: Brewing Imperial Stouts with Perennial

Phil Wymore, cofounder and brewmaster of Perennial Artisan Ales, shares the approach, ingredients, and methods behind the brewery's influential big stouts and other strong ales.

Brewer’s Perspective: In Defense of Six-Row

Matt Riggs is brewmaster and cofounder of Riggs Beer Company in Urbana, Illinois, where they grow their own six-row barley and have it malted locally. Here he talks about the strengths of that under-loved malt.

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Recipe: Maine Peeper Pale Ale

In 2009, Maine Beer Company cofounders Dan and David Kleban brewed Peeper—over and over—on a one-barrel system until they were happy with the results. It’s a superb example of a modern, brightly aromatic American pale ale.

Gearhead: Side Pulls & Slow Pours

Newly adopted tricks borrowed from Old World beer culture are helping to elevate service and presentation, reimagining what draft beer looks like.

Podcast Episode 150: Christian DeBenedetti of Wolves and People is Bringing Brewing Back to His Roots

On a hazelnut farm 45 minutes from Portland, Oregon, Wolves and People is taking its beer closer to the land, with yeast cultured on the farm, an estate barley program, farm-grown ingredients, and more.

Brewer's Perspective: Matt Brynildson on Italian-Style Pilsner

It all started with Tipopils... Matt Brynildson, brewmaster of Firestone Walker, talks about the beer that sparked his Pivo—as well as a growing number of Italian-inspired pilsners—and the core elements of this burgeoning sub-style.