Gearhead: American Real Ale - What Condition Cask Condition Is In

Does slow, subtle cask ale still have a place in today’s variety-driven, can-cluttered American scene? Along with a primer on the gear and vocabulary, here’s why this is an endangered tradition this side of the Atlantic—and why it refuses to die.

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Capturing Indigenous Yeast Cultures with Antidoot

In rural Flemish Brabant, Antidoot Wilde Fermenten’s house mixed culture includes various wild yeasts they have captured over the years. Here, Tom Jacobs offers tips for success in wrangling your own local strains.

How a Coconut Company’s Quest for Quality Scores Big with Brewers

The most important step in brewing with coconut is ensuring that this special ingredient is of the highest quality.

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Full Video: Constructing Artful Mixed-Culture Beers with Firestone Walker Barrelworks

With detailed advice from Jim Crooks, master blender at Firestone Walker’s Barrelworks, you can brew complex but balanced mixed-culture beers meant for patient wood-aging and blending.

Editors’ Picks: Bière de Garde

Whether clean and malty or dry and spicy, the beers that claim this category cover a wide range.

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Recipe: Alma Mader Premiant

Courtesy of Tania Hewett-Mader and Nick Mader of Kansas City’s Alma Mader Brewing, this locally popular pilsner embraces Bohemian malt and Noble hops, including an aromatic burst of spicy Saaz in the whirlpool.

Kansas City’s Alma Mader Are Brewing for the Backyard

Whether it’s pinpoint pilsners, lush, juicy IPAs, or big, balanced stouts, the upstarts at family-run Alma Mader in Kansas City have something that just about any kind of drinker can love.

Podcast Episode 219: For Firestone Walker Cofounder David Walker, Innovation and Collaboration Are in Craft Beer’s DNA

There wasn’t any one moment when David Walker knew that the brewery he founded with his brother-in-law was going to be successful. Instead, they’ve laid layer atop layer over 25 years to add reach while improving quality.

Pick 6: Chris Lohring of Notch Embraces the Surprising Diversity Found in Traditional Brewing

For Chris Lohring, founder of Notch Brewing in Massachusetts, there is real beauty to be found in beers that follow known traditions while offering character that makes them uniquely loveable.

Five on Five: Stout & Porter

From deceptively easy-drinking to weighty and ponderous, the comforts of these dark delights run the gamut. Here, five pro brewers share their favorites.