Best in Beer 2020 Readers’ Choice: Your Favorite Styles to Brew

What you love to buy and drink doesn’t necessarily correlate with what you prefer to make for yourself. In our Best in Beer 2020 Reader's Choice poll, here's what you said were your favorite styles to brew.

Best in Beer 2020 Readers’ Choice: Package Power

Draft or package? Cans or bottles? in our annual Best in Beer Readers' Choice poll, here’s how you answered the question, “How do you prefer to buy your favorite craft beers?”

Podcast Episode 161: For Matt Lincoln of Fremont, Fresh-Hop Beers Are Labors of Love

Fremont’s audacious approach to fresh-hop brewing produced about 2,500 barrels of the true seasonal last year. Getting 70,000 pounds of fresh hops from field to the brewhouse is no small challenge, but that’s only the start…

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Recipe: Grains of Wrath Crypt Keeper IPA

Here is a homebrew-scale recipe for Grains of Wrath’s Citra-hopped West Coast–style IPA, which scored a 99 with our blind panel earlier this year, delighted our editors, and became one of our Best 20 Beers of 2020.

Critic’s List: Jamie Bogner's Best in 2020

The cofounder and editorial director of Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® has traveled the country from coast to coast, talking to brewers and tasting their beer. Here’s a selection of highlights of his past year of beer.

Critic’s List: Joe Stange’s Best in 2020

After 13 years living abroad, our Missouri-based managing editor spent the past year getting reacquainted with the American beer scene. Here are his beery highlights.

Best in Beer 2020 Readers’ Choice: What's On Your Wish List?

We asked you to tell us what beers you haven’t had (yet) but are tops on your list to seek out. Note: For the first time since we’ve asked this question, a lager made the list!

Best in Beer 2020 Readers’ Choice: Your Favorite Beer Styles

You chose your favorite styles to drink, and while IPA again tops the list (as it has ever since we’ve asked the question), pilsner and helles made big gains in 2020.

Video Tip: Break Down the Elements of Flavor

Greg Engert, beer director for the Neighborhood Restaurant Group, explains the components of flavor and how we perceive them, and thus how we enjoy our beers as well as our food.

Best In Beer: Brewers Pick Five Favorites of 2020

Game recognizes game. Here we’ve asked five respected brewers for a favorite beer they drank this year while off the clock.