Podcast Episode 344: Marble’s Josh Trujillo Finds Success at the Intersection of Hops and Lager

Since 2008, Albuquerque’s Marble Brewery has been exploring ways to make great lagers on a system built for ales, and their numerous medals are proof that the work has paid off. In this episode, master brewer Josh Trujillo details their approach—from corn and rice lagers to hop-forward pilsners and even cold IPA.

Video Course: Brewing Historically Inspired Smoked Beers with Our Mutual Friend

Jan Chodkowski, head brewer and co-owner of Denver’s Our Mutual Friend, outlines his approach to brewing historically inspired, highly drinkable, smoke-forward beers.

Investing in New Stainless-Steel Equipment

While the initial investment in new stainless-steel equipment may be higher, the long-term benefits far outweigh the costs.

Recipe: Kleiner Hund Session IPA

Amarillo and Simcoe lead the way in this session IPA recipe from Josh Weikert’s Make Your Best series.

European Beer Collection: 500 Years of History in One Box

Take a tour through Europe with our collection of 10 beers from five European countries.

Brewing the American Black Ale

Whether you call it black IPA, Cascadian dark, or something else, this unholy union of hops and darkness enjoys a cult following that continues to watch the style evolve.

Recipe: Wandering Soul Future Life Pilsner

From founder Matthew Smith at Wandering Soul in Beverly, Massachusetts, comes this Czech-inspired pale lager that gets a generous late addition of Saaz hops. “The result is a crystal-clear, crisp pilsner that will have you contemplating who you will be in a future life.”

Pick Six: Indelible Impressions

Sam Calagione, founder of Dogfish Head in Milton, Delaware, focuses on beers that stand out in his memory for their flavors, for their times and their places, and for the people with whom he enjoyed them.

Podcast Episode 343: Natalie Rose Baldwin of Wayfinder Paints Hoppy Pictures With a Broad Palette

Flavor and aroma take on a synesthetic connection to color for the brewmaster behind one of our favorite beers last year, and in this episode she explains how—through thoughtful and intentional ingredient selection as well as process considerations—she paints colorful pictures with hops, yeast, and malt.

Firestone Walker Expands the Mind Haze Universe

Firestone Walker’s bestselling IPA family rolls out a fresh, new look and all-new beers.