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Recipe: Zoiglhaus Zoigl-Black Schwarzbier

In Portland, Oregon, Zoiglhaus brewmaster Alan Taylor and his team brew this award-winning schwarzbier with German ingredients and in accordance with German brewing traditions.

Schwarzbier: The Enigmatic Dark Lager

Like a social chameleon, Germany’s unusual black lager—easy-drinking yet richly flavored—seems to adapt to your needs depending on the weather or the season. Jeff Alworth looks closer at the style and its story.

Podcast Episode 321: Chris Baum of Varietal is Hyperfocused on Hops

In Sunnyside, Washington, Chris Baum and his team at Varietal Beer enjoy firsthand access to growers and a nuanced understanding of hop quality. In this episode, recorded mid-harvest in the heart of the Yakima Valley, Baum shares his thoughts on brewing hop-forward and fresh-hop beers, and more.

Five Lagers that Brewers Love to Drink

Brewers have warm hearts for cold-fermented beers, and we asked these five brewers to share the objects of their greatest affection.

Make Your Best Oktoberfest

We know: It’s time to drink it, not brew it. Yet while you’re hoisting a few at the season’s festivities, it’s never too early to start thinking about your spring brewing schedule...

Hop Revolution: Challenging Conventional Thinking on Nelson Sauvin and Hop Blends

Born from a blend of passion, energy, and a bit of a rebellious streak, Hop Revolution in its short history already has challenged traditional thinking on New Zealand varietals. The revolution continues with their fresh approach to Nelson Sauvin and hop blends.

Podcast Episode 320: Sam Zermeño of Brujos Is Casting Liquid Spells

The wandering wizard behind the collaborationist Brujos brand talks about his heavy approach to bold flavor in hazy IPAs.

Video Tip: Slow Pours, Foam, and Service with Intention

Bierstadt cofounder Ashleigh Carter explains the why and how of their Slow Pour Pils, making the case for attention to foam, service, and presentation that fulfills your intentions as the liquid’s creator.

Cooking with Barleywine: Deconstructed Grilled Cheese with Toast Points

Here’s one to keep in mind for the cooler days ahead: a fondue-like cheese dish that gets a splash of barleywine and is sure to help keep you warm.

The Bitterness Problem

It used to seem so simple—know your hops and when you add them to the boil, and you’ll know how bitter your beer will be. Now, thanks to IPA’s evolution and lots of new research, bitterness is getting … complicated. Here are key takeaways to help you dial it in.