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Keeping British Brewing Traditions Intact

It’s one thing to have a cask program. It’s another thing to make sure you have the equipment to do it right. Yorkshire Square Brewery peddles ale thanks to it’s impressive cellaring and serving system.

A Small Brewing System for Nimble Beers

Thanks to tremendous growth, Firestone Walker is now accustomed to making large-scale batches. For its new Venice Beach, California, location, the brewery went small to foster creativity and collaboration.

Controlling Draft Beer: The Importance of the Flux Capacitor

As beer has evolved, so has its method of service. This is the story of one California publican and brewer who put technical knowhow into practice to make sure that every pint served is perfectly cooled and carbonated.

Gearhead: Foeders for Funky Fermentation

Borrowed, or more accurately salvaged, from the wine industry, foeders are nothing more than big barrels where fermented beverages develop the deliciousness sought by the craftsmen.

The Languor of Lambic-style Brewing

Gabe Gordon, founder of Beachwood BBQ and Brewing built the Blendery with the single-minded focus to re-create a true lambic-style beer in Southern California, and at the center of the effort is one critical piece of the lambic puzzle: the coolship.

Sour Union

Wanting an approachable sour beer to offer in the tasting room while longer-term brews matured, brewers at Los Angeles Ale Works developed the Blüme Union fermentation system to ferment a wheat-heavy wort into a briskly tart Berliner weisse in short order.

Critic's List: John Verive’s Best of 2017

Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine®’s Gearhead columnist and the author of the blog Beers of Tomorrow carefully reviewed his notes from the past calendar year to offer up these beer picks, brewery experiences, and more.

Breakout Brewer: Three Weavers Brewing

Supported by sales of their polished and nuanced core beers but looking to a future of more mixed-culture stuff, barrel fermentations, and farmhouse styles, Three Weavers Brewing Company is building a reputation for award-winning, high-quality brews.

The Pilsner Landscape

There’s a Pilsner for every palate as craft brewers take inspiration from the Old World.

L.A.’s Wildest Homebrewer

Professional forager Pascal Baudar pushes the limits of foraged “beer.”