Recipe: Odell Pilsner Project: Lórien & HBC 1134

From Odell Brewing in Fort Collins, Colorado, here’s a recipe for their modern take on pilsner featuring two newly developed hop varieties.

These Hops Were Made for Lager

Brewers today are used to choosing punchy hops for their IPAs. However, great lagers require a different approach and a different kind of bitterness—yet, they need not copy the classics. Here’s how some new varieties are pointing the way toward lagers that still taste like lagers, “but with a twist.”

Brunching with Barleywine: Bread-Pudding French Toast

Let the others have their mimosas. Barleywine’s panoply of Maillard flavors find lengthening echoes in this indulgent variation on French toast.

Podcast Episode 249: Andy Hooper, Former Seismic Brewmaster, is Taking Light Lager Back for Craft

Andy Hooper built a reputation for tight focus on process, and his efforts have paid off with dominating performances in the light lager category at major competitions. In this episode, he discusses the processes behind the brewing, including his use of organic, California-grown craft malt.

Recipe: Jackrabbit Dry Irish Stout

This is an outstanding all-purpose beer that pairs well with a variety of foods, is low in alcohol, and can be turned around relatively quickly. If you have a few taps in your home, you might consider dedicating one to the dry stout—it won’t let you down. Sláinte!

Commercially Available Hop Varieties with Reduced Carbon Footprint

Did you know that the carbon footprint of growing hops can vary widely from variety to variety? This means that brewers can select certain varieties for reduced environmental impact. View our presentation to learn more.

Video Tip: Appreciating the Intensity and Potential of High-Impact Aroma Compounds

The sensory experience of beers rich in thiols suggests that much more could be done with them, even with simpler recipes and basic ingredients. Laura Burns, R&D director of Omega Yeast, explains the potential.

Pick Six: Impact & Impression, with Kyle Harrop of Horus Aged Ales

Beyond his in-house emphasis on barrel-aging, Kyle Harrop takes traveling and collaborating to new heights, tag-teaming on a variety of projects with fellow brewers across the country. His selected sixer speaks to his deep beer-geek roots, his love for seeking out obscurities, and his great appreciation for technical proficiency.

Style School: Koduõlu Is Estonia’s Own Home Beer

The signature farmhouse style of Estonia is a quirky product of preserved tradition, local ingredients, and practicality. It’s also a perfect reminder that farmhouse brewing is, after all, homebrewing.

You Could Ride the Funicular to Flavor at Lisbon’s Cerveja Canil

From our Love Handles files on beer bars we love: In the City of the Seven Hills, Cerveja Canil specializes in local craft beers, petiscos, and burgers.