Cooking with IPA: Ahi Tuna Aguachile

A well-chosen IPA adds a tropical splash to this simple yet delicious riff on aguachile using sushi-grade tuna.

Fruit Without Fear: Embracing Natural Inoculation

Borrowing a page from winemakers, some brewers are pitching freshly picked fruit instead of slurry, taking advantage of the natural yeast and bacteria on their skins—a process that requires a leap of faith and the best, ripest fruit you can find.

Video Tip: Selecting Roasted Grains to Balance Big Imperial Stouts

In this clip from their video course, Maplewood founder Adam Cieslak and head brewer Roger Cuzelis explain how they go about balancing the residual sugars in their higher-gravity stouts by adjusting their roasted grains.

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Recipe: Foam Constant Conversations

From Foam Brewers in Burlington, Vermont, comes this recipe for a mixed-culture plum beer—also featuring lavender and lemon zest—that gets its vibrant hue from the addition of butterfly pea flowers.

Special Ingredient: Butterfly Pea Flowers

You might see the tea in Thai restaurants or trendy cafés or spas—a striking blue or purple liquid, steaming from clear mugs or iced in glasses. And, guess what? That potent color also works in beer.

Podcast Episode 292: David Ringler of Cedar Springs is Focused on the “Original” Hazy Beer—Weissbier

The founder of Cedar Springs Brewing and president of the Michigan Brewer’s Guild asks a fundamental question: Why doesn’t weissbier get more love?

Wort Preparation, Simplified: In Defense of Extract Brewing

In this excerpt from our Illustrated Guide to Homebrewing, we discuss brewing with extracts and steeping with specialty grains—and why there is much to be said for embracing them at home.

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Recipe: Training Bines Hazy IPA

The Cellarmaker Training Bines IPA that we named one of our Best 20 Beers in 2022 was one of five that came from five different breweries in an unusual collaboration project. Now, you can brew it on your own system.

Packaging Manufacturer Offers Up the Goods—For Free

Serving up quality beer and craft beverages means not only having the right people in the right place, but also having the right tools to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Video Tip: Be “Body Positive” with Your Lower-Strength Stouts

Maplewood founder Adam Cieslak and head brewer Roger Cuzelis explain why they’re aiming for higher mash temperatures and lower attenuation with their lower-ABV stouts.