Firestone Walker Is Brewing for Tomorrow

After 25 years, the California brewery’s sights remain fixed on the future.

Style School: The Hallowed Comforts of Doppelbock

Monkish hospitality and devotion gave way to modern commercialism over a few centuries, but this Bavarian product that evolved along the way still has the power to nourish and amaze.

No (Car)boys Allowed!

Want to further simplify your homebrewing? Consider ditching those plastic and glass fermentors, and instead try fermenting in your corny kegs.

Recipe: Forks in the Road Loral Saison/Lager

Here’s an example of split-batch brewing, with a batch that diverges post-boil to become both a hoppy lager and a saison. It's also a SMASH brew—single malt, single hop—leaning into German pilsner and lovely, lemony Loral.

Simplify Your Brew Day: How to Chill Out and Stop Chilling

Do you need to immediately chill your wort and pitch right after the boil? Not really. Josh Weikert explains the ease and simplicity of no-chill brewing.

Podcast Episode 183: For Bobby Kros of Kros Strain, Innovation and Tradition Go Hand in Hand

In 2018, after being open barely a year, Kros Strain took home silver in the brand-new hazy/juicy IPA category at GABF, establishing a reputation they’ve been working to expand and develop ever since.

Recipe: Tannery Run Fire Book Master Festbier/Black-Tea Dubbel

To show what’s possible with “splatch” or split-batch brewing, Tannery Run head brewer Tim Brown shares this recipe for a brew that divides immediately after the boil to walk the divergent paths of a festbier lager and a tea-infused Belgian-style dubbel.

BY: Tim Brown

Video Tip: Going for that Food-and-Beer Gestalt

Once you adopt some basic rules of thumb about flavor compatibility and intensity, you can start drilling down into which beer styles tend to work best with specific dishes—making a sensory experience greater than the sum of its parts.

Divide & Conquer: Practice the Art of the “Splatch”

Consider the possibilities of split-batch brewing—to get twice the variety without a lot more work.

Podcast Episode 182: Sam Pecoraro of Von Ebert Writes the Beer Description Before the Recipe

For Sam Pecoraro, head brewer of Von Ebert Brewing, articulating the idea of a new beer—flavors, aromas, mouthfeel, appearance—is the first step in writing a new recipe. Whether they’re brewing lager or IPA, it all starts with the written idea.