Recipe: Atlas Silent Neighbor Stout

Dubbed a “pumpernickel stout” by Atlas Brew Works in Washington, D.C., this 2023 World Beer Cup gold medal winner gets a portion of rye malt and the flavorful addition of blackstrap molasses.

Ask the Pros: Brewing “Pumpernickel” Stout with D.C.’s Atlas Brew Works

At last year’s World Beer Cup, the team at Atlas Brew Works brought a gold medal home to the nation’s capital with Silent Neighbor—a “pumpernickel stout” brewed with rye and blackstrap molasses. Here’s how they put it together.

Hanoi’s Standing Bar Has Lake Views, Tasty Snacks, and Lots of Local Craft Beer

From our Love Handles files on the world’s great beer bars: In the characterful Trúc Bạch neighborhood of Vietnam’s capital, Standing Bar is an ideal spot to relax and get a taste of the country’s independent brewing scene.

Video Tip: Brewing Smoky Grodziskie with 100 Percent Wheat

Jan Chodkowski, head brewer and co-owner of Denver’s Our Mutual Friend, highlights the challenges and rewards of mashing, brewing, and drinking their all-wheat grodziskie.

Podcast Episode 350: Kelly McKnight of New Belgium Highlights the R&D Behind Some of Craft’s Biggest Beers

Beer as a whole may be navigating rough seas in 2024, but New Belgium has found a map to growth with flavor-forward hazy IPAs in their Voodoo Ranger family. In this episode, lead R&D brewer Kelly McKnight sheds light on the team and process behind these industry-changing beers.

Discover Otherworldly Flavor with Alora™

You’re sure to craft the beer of your dreams with this out-of-this-world hop.

Video Tip: Harnessing Macro-Oxidation to Accelerate the Aging of Barleywines

Brandon Capps, founder of Colorado’s New Image Brewing, explains how they use a Madeira-inspired “estufagem” process to intentionally give barleywine a head start in the aging process.

Recipe: Wunderkammer Sumac Wheat

The beers of Wunderkammer get their own rustic character via locally foraged ingredients, mixed cultures that include Brett, and a stripped-down, old-fashioned process featuring direct-fired kettles and fermentation without strict temperature control.

Brewing Saison: The Taste of Rustic

Whether they’re working in farmhouses or warehouses, today’s saison brewers are united in their pursuit of rustic character. While that goal is abstract, they achieve it via concrete choices about ingredients and process—and the ways to get there are as varied as the brewers and beers themselves.

Five on Five: Saison

It may be more story than style, but these five examples inspire the five brewers who recommend them.