Podcast Episode 160: Brick West’s Sam Milne Takes an Exacting Approach to Pilsner and Gose

Brick West in Spokane, Washington, has quickly made a mark with its fastidious approach to brewing classic German styles. Head brewer Sam Milne shares insights on the ingredients, process, and technical considerations that make their beers so compelling.

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Recipe: Wayfinder Relapse IPA

Courtesy of Wayfinder Beer in Portland, Oregon, here is a recipe for their "cold IPA," which earned a spot among our Best 20 Beers of 2020.

Best in Beer 2020 Readers’ Choice: Best Beer Bars Around the World

It’s been a tough year for drinking in beer bars, but here are your chosen favorites. We'll see you there at the bar next year.

Best in Beer 2020 Readers’ Choice: Your Favorite Beer Cities

Pandemic or no pandemic, your favorite cities in America for drinking craft beer in 2020 are...

Critic’s List: Kate Bernot’s Best in 2020

The accomplished writer, certified beer judge, and our own contributing editor shares her beery highlights from a highly unusual year.

Critic’s List: Samer Khudairi’s Best in 2020

What’s up in New England? We asked Samer Khudairi. This Boston-based freelance journalist is a savvy beer enthusiast and contributor to DigBoston, Good Beer Hunting, Pellicle, and more. Here are his beery highlights of the year.

Best in Beer 2020 Readers’ Choice: Who Brews It Best?

Going beyond your No. 1 fave brewer, we asked you for your favorite beers and brewers in eight specific style categories, from saisons to stouts (and, of course, IPAs).

Video Tip: Getting the Most Out of Stronger Beers

Temperature and glassware can play important supporting roles when pouring and enjoying stronger beers. Greg Engert explains how in this video tip.

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Recipe: Springdale Kölsch Money

Courtesy of Jack Hendler of Springdale Beer and Jack's Abby, here is a homebrew-scale recipe for one of our Best 20 Beers in 2020. “Creating malt intensity without body or too much residual sweetness requires excellent process control from the brewer.”

Best in Beer 2020 Readers’ Choice: Homebrew Brand, Gear & Retailer of the Year

Once again, you told us your favorite homebrew gear, manufacturers, and retailers. It was a year of small shifts and subtle moves, as your favorite brands of 2020 remained largely unchanged.