Infographic: Hops Around The World

Where are your hops grown? To put the hop-growing regions in their global context, here’s a comparative look at the production in various countries.

No Rests For the Wicked: The Quick & The Red

In this throwback IPA style that recalls the beauty of malt—both visually and in the flavor—you can go with a complex, layered all-grain grist. Or, you can get there quicker (and just as beautifully red) with an intentional approach to extract brewing.

Critic’s List: Kate Bernot’s Best in 2022

Our contributing editor is one of the most respected voices in beer journalism today. Here are highlights from her past year in beer.

Critic’s List: Jamie Bogner’s Best in 2022

Our editorial director and podcast host shares his top tipples from the year that was, plus a few thoughts on upcoming trends.

Critic’s List: Stan Hieronymus’s Best in 2022

Our own Hops Insider and the author of multiple books pored-over and dog-eared by pro and amateur brewers alike, Stan shares his top picks of the past year in beer.

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Recipe: Third Eye Higher Purpose Milk Stout

Kelly Montgomery, head brewer and co-owner at Third Eye in Cincinnati, shares this homebrew-scale recipe for their GABF gold medal–winning milk stout.

The Milk Stout Whisperer

Kelly Montgomery of Third Eye Brewing won four straight GABF gold medals for milk stout—and he did it at two different breweries, using two different recipes. We sent David Nilsen to get the insights on how.

Podcast Episode 273: Top Critics and Writers Discuss Their Best in Beer of 2022

Stan Hieronymus, Kate Bernot, Alex Kidd, Courtney Iseman, and Joe Stange all talk through their personal lists of top ten beers of 2022, along with their hot takes and favorite growing styles.

Don’t Let Dirty Draft Lines Ruin Your Beer

Those lines are the last thing to touch your beer before it goes into the glass, so proper cleaning is essential. Here’s how.

Infographic: The Biggest Craft Brands Now

Here are the top 30 craft brands based on total dollar sales within IRI-tracked sales channels over the preceding 52 weeks ending on May 15, 2022.