Infographic: How and Where Do People Like to Buy Beer?

Based on data from the beverage delivery app Drizly, here is a look at how and where people are choosing their beer and other alcoholic drinks.

Video Tip: Home Is Where You Hang Your Hose At

Poorly stored hoses are a sanitation risk. In this video tip, 2nd Shift founder-brewer-handyman Steve Crider shares his unusual method for making sure they're kept high and dry.

Recipe: Cape May Imperial Stout

Brewed with a massive and complex grain bill, this beer is for those moments of excess in your life.

A Perfect Match: Nitro and Stout

Brian Hink, the innovation director at Cape May Brewing in Cape May, New Jersey, weighs in on the diversity and importance of nitrogenation when it comes to stouts and other styles.

Recipe: Pike Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale

Here is a homebrew-scale recipe for Kilt Lifter, a versatile, ruby-amber, richly malted ale with notes of caramel, toffee, and just a whisper of peat smokeā€”and the top-seller at Pike Brewing in Seattle, Washington.

Learning Lab: Standard Hops Additions

Hops for bitterness, flavor, and aroma... and, often, three corresponding additions to the boil. Using one-gallon test batches hopped differently, let's test our assumptions.

Podcast Episode 119: John Mallett of Bell's Brewery on Ingredient Quality, Understanding Malt, and Designing Brewery Workflows

John Mallett, VP of operations for Bell's, is one of the most respected technical brewers in the industry. Here, he discusses everything from sourcing and evaluating ingredients to maintaining haze in beer and engineering a brewhouse workflow.

Video Tip: Fix a Broken Pump, Save Money for Brewing

Steve Crider, founder-brewer-handyman at 2nd Shift in St. Louis, explains the value of knowing how to fix your own broken pumps.

Recipe: Bow & Arrow Denim Tux Blue Corn Lager

From Bow & Arrow Brewing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this German-American pilsner hybrid has a Southwestern twist.

Yo, These Stouts Are Bananas (A Brewer's Perspective)

One recent trend in the long evolution of stout is the addition of unconventional fruit to finished beer. In El Segundo, California, Three Chiefs has released several tropical-fruited stouts to great acclaim. Here, Head Brewer Charles Rapadas gets bananas.