Best in Beer 2023 Readers’ Choice: Who Brews It Best?

What’s your go-to brewery for IPA? What about for abbey-style ale, stout, or lager? You voted, we tallied—and here are your favorite breweries broken down by style.

Video Tip: Planting the Flavor of Hemp Seeds in Your Beer

There is more to cannabis than the flowers. Ross Koenigs, founder and brewer at Second Dawn in Aurora, Colorado, explains why earthy, nutty hemp seeds can work beautifully in beer when used as a cereal adjunct.

Podcast Episode 329: Best in Beer 2023 with Jamie Bogner and Joe Stange

In this special once-per-year episode honoring the pinnacles of the craft, our editors reveal their Best 20 Beers in 2023 and the results of the annual Craft Beer in Brewing Readers’ Choice poll.

Best in Beer Readers’ Choice: Your Top 25 Beers of 2023

You voted, we tabulated. As determined by our annual Readers’ Choice poll, here are your favorite 25 beers of 2023.

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Video Course: Fresh Approaches to Fresh-Hopped Beers with Single Hill

Join Single Hill cofounder and head brewer Zach Turner on an expedition to the Yakima Valley at harvest time to pick up the freshest hops, then take them back to the brewery and add them—in different forms and different ways—to beers brewed on the same day.

The Best 20 Beers in 2023

From more than 1,000 beers winnowed down via blind judging throughout the year—and then winnowed further by more blind tasting with our top writers and editors—here are 20 beers that represent the very finest in brewing today.

TrailKeg Carbonated Growlers: Mini Kegs Engineered for Much More Than Beer

How a Christmas gift and a camping trip led two friends to develop one of the most versatile carbonated growler systems available.

Best in Beer Readers’ Choice: Your Favorite Breweries in 2023

You voted, we tallied. From our annual Readers’ Choice survey, here are your favorite breweries—broken down by size, based on how many barrels brewed per year.

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Recipe: Misfit Outpost Subcontinental Jackfruit Rice Lager

From Misfit Outpost in Cypress, Texas, this beer celebrates South Asian flavor in the form of sweet, creamy jackfruit, which adds its tropical accent to a light, crisp, rice-lager frame.

Podcast Episode 328: Art History is Finding Innovation in Its Focus on Tradition

From its outpost an hour outside of downtown Chicago, Art History has quietly built momentum by focusing on a range of Czech- and German-inspired lagers as well as bitters, milds, and other English styles. In this episode, head brewer Greg Browne and cofounder Tom Rau share their approach to making traditional beers cool again.