Editors’ Picks: Low-Calorie IPAs

Here are five flavor- and aroma-forward IPAs that scratch the hops itch without loading up on calories.

The Smooth-Drinking Gimmickry of Cream Ale

In this edition of Style School, Jeff Alworth explains how an American heirloom style began as a marketing creation of the Industrial Age—and where today’s more playful breweries have run with it.

Podcast Episode 171: Firestone Walker’s Matt Brynildson is Relentless in Pursuit of Quality

The force behind so many now-classic Firestone Walker beers has won just about all there is to win in the world of brewing, but Matt Brynildson isn’t resting. The brewmaster is constantly looking for new ways to build quality and character into every beer.

Editors’ Picks: Beer-Washed Cheeses

There are times when two of our favorite things in the world collide in a kind of delicious gestalt, greater than the sum of its parts—so it is with beer-washed cheeses. Here are three that we love.

The Curious Case of Belgian Stout

Belgian stout has its own special history and a distinctive strut. What sets it apart? Breandán Kearney, award-winning beer writer and a brewer at Siphon in West Flanders, reports from Belgium.

A Guide to Adding (or Expanding) a Canning Line

From the craft-beverage-focused supplier American Canning, here are the questions that every brewery looking to add or grow a canning operation needs to consider.

Video Tip: Why Open Fermentation Is Key to Brewing Great Weissbier

At Bluejacket, head brewer Ro Guenzel and his team follow the example of the Bavarians and use shallow, open fermentors to get the aromatic expression they want from their weissbier. Here, Guenzel explains the dynamics of how it works and why it matters.

Brewer’s Perspective: Brewing a Light-Hearted Low-Cal IPA

Andy Farrell, brewing innovation manager at Bell’s Brewery, talks about the tinkering and process behind developing Light Hearted Ale, the company’s highest-profile new release in years.

Recipe: American Old Guard Stout

Here is Drew Beechum’s homebrewed take the legacy of the American stout—largely kept alive these days by our old-guard craft breweries.

Whatever Happened to the American Stout?

American stout’s unlikely combination of roasted malt and American hops launched a movement and converted many a drinker. So, where the heck did it go? Drew Beechum isolates its elements and makes a plea.