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Video Tip: A Primer on Alpha Acids in Hops

Get a quick rundown on alpha acids and beta acids when it comes to hops. In this video tip Dirk Hillegass walks you through the basics and how it can help you make a superior beer.

English Old Ale: The Original Barrel-Aged Beers

Old ales have a flavor profile that many younger drinkers, currently rapt with barrel-aged stouts, might love, says Jeff Alworth, thanks to complexity, acidity, and gentle sweetness that make them very contemporary.

Video Tip: Pitching Rates for Lager

In this video tip Ashleigh Carter, the brewmaster at Bierstadt Lagerhaus in Denver, talks about the importance of pitch rates in lagers.

Brewer's Perspective: Making a Consistent Pilsner

Consistency is key in making Pilsners, and that comes with continuously making adjustments to make sure you haven’t verged off the pre-determined path. Lars Larson, brewmaster at Trumer Brauerei shares his thoughts about being solely focused on Pilsner.

Loving Summer Blonde Ale Recipe

This blonde ale is more flavorful than your average “lawnmower” beer, so save it for after you mow. Once you dial in the recipe, this beer will get your non-beer-drinking friends started down the path to craft-beer obsession! And you’ll enjoy it, too.

Five on Five: Wheat Beers

Wheat beer is a diverse category, and personal preferences play a big role in picking the right one. We asked brewers to share their thoughts on wheat beers they enjoy. Here are their suggestions for the next wheat beer in your glass.

BY: John Holl

Podcast Episode 96: Narrow Gauge Brewing Co.‘s Jeff Hardesty: Exploring Individuality and Expression in Hazy and Sour IPAs

The cofounder of St. Louis’ most popular brewer of progressive hazy styles shares the techniques and philosophy behind their sought-after beers, and debunks some misperceptions in the process.

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Techniques and Tips: Producing Superior Ales with All Sevens Brewing (Full Video)

All Sevens Brewing Head Brewer Dirk Hillegass takes you from grain to glass, offering practical tips to help you brew superior ales.

Playing the Secondary Beer Market

When it comes to rare or sought-after beers, some customers enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of opening and tasting the beer. Others seek get these treasures at the retail price, then resell them on the secondary market for profit.

BY: John Holl

Pick Six: Phil Wymore of Perennial Artisan Ale

The cofounder of Perennial Artisan Ales, as well as brewer who did his time at some of the better-known breweries of the Midwest, Phil Wymore has picked six beers that speak to his fondness for depth, stability, and creativity.

BY: John Holl