Christopher Cina

Cooking with Imperial Stout: Chocolate Chip Ice Cream in a Mason Jar

Need a surprising dessert for the holiday table? Here, rich imperial stout deepens a simple and palate-refreshing ice cream preparation.

Cooking with American IPA: Queso Dip

With three cheeses, fresh tomatoes, jalapeños, chorizo, and IPA, this is definitely not your neighbor’s Ro-Tel-and-Velveeta cheese dip.

Cooking with Sour Beer: Chicken Liver Pâté with Beer-Cherry Compote

Your favorite tart beer joins with cherries for a tangy compote, giving a bright lift to this hearty pâté.

Sandwiching with IPA: Chicken-Fried Whitefish with Sumac Mayo

Your favorite hazy-juicy pale ale or IPA gets into the batter to brighten up a fried fish filet, while spicy sumac plays a similar role in the mayo.

Cooking With Sour Beer: Shrimp Salad in a Jar

From fresh catch to fridge favorite, this bright and flavorful warm-weather dish is a perfect foil for the refreshingly tart beer—your choice—with which it’s made.

Cooking With Beer: Shakshuka

Time for Sunday brunch with American pale ale. In this dish, a splash of beer adds brightness to the Mediterranean flavors of shakshuka.

Cooking With Beer: Apple-Ricotta Pancakes with Pale-Ale Maple Syrup

Here we celebrate American craft beer’s most important style (pale ale) with the most important meal of the weekend (brunch).

Cooking With Beer: Ale-Poached Eggs Benedict with Arugula Pesto

American craft beer’s most important style—the American pale ale—is versatile for any occasion. Likewise, its approachability makes it an easy fit as an ingredient. Here we celebrate this bright, balanced beer with the most important meal of the weekend.

Grilled Chicken with White BBQ Sauce Recipe

Vienna lager is the perfect ingredient for this BBQ chicken dish.

Brown Sugar Peach Cobbler Recipe

Here, a malty beer takes the classic peach cobbler to a whole new level.