Christopher Cina

Cooking with Lager: Pork Chili Verde

A splash of Mexican-style lager finds its way into (and alongside) this earthy, spicy, comforting dish from the Southwest.

Cooking With Beer: Pan-Fried Catfish Sandwich with Kale Slaw and Hot Sauce Mayo

This crispy, spicy catfish sandwich deserves a cold lager—with a spash in the breading and the rest to cool off your palate. Special occasion not required.

Cooking with Cider: Glazed Ham for the Holidays

Looking for a different way to serve your holiday ham? Get some craft cider into the glaze for a flavorful twist, and pair it with the same cider or a festive beer.

Cooking With Beer: Pulled Chicken Quesadilla with Lager Adobo

These crispy, moderately spicy quesadillas are delicious and easy to make, while a splash of Mexican-style lager adds subtle sweetness to the adobo dipping sauce.

Cooking with Lager: Seared Salmon with Sweet Potato–Edamame Succotash and Sweet Corn Puree

Crack a craft-brewed light lager and embrace some unconventional fall flavors in your kitchen via this fish dish with bacon-studded sweet-potato succotash and savory corn puree.

Cooking with Barleywine: Deconstructed Grilled Cheese with Toast Points

Here’s one to keep in mind for the cooler days ahead: a fondue-like cheese dish that gets a splash of barleywine and is sure to help keep you warm.

Cooking with IPA: English Pea, Watercress, and Mint Soup

A splash of IPA adds bright flavor accents to this comforting soup, which gets its vivid hue from English peas.

Cooking with Hazy IPA: Spicy Shrimp Pizza

This crowd-pleaser pizza get a lift from some spicy, garlicky shrimp deglazed with juicy IPA.

Cooking with Beer: Thai-Style Street Fries with Hoisin, Sriracha, Hoppy Mayo, and Crushed Peanuts

All hail the crispy-fried potato—especially when a splash of pale ale joins the bright, spicy flavors of Thailand in this unusual take.

Cooking with Beer: Fried Chicken Thighs with Grits and Charred Corn–Red Onion Relish

Two splashes of hazy IPA add juicy subtlety to this comforting, moderately spicy fried chicken showcase.