Christopher Cina

Cooking With Lager: Get Freaky with Frikadellen

This take on pan-fried meatballs gets a splash of pilsner—and tastes great with it, too.

Brunching with Barleywine: Bread-Pudding French Toast

Let the others have their mimosas. Barleywine’s panoply of Maillard flavors find lengthening echoes in this indulgent variation on French toast.

Cooking with Rye Beer: Roast Jalapeño Buffalo Patty Melt

A pale ale that leans herbal and spicy is bound to taste great with this jalapeño patty melt—and if you need to deglaze the pan, why use water when you could use a splash of beer?

Grilling with Weissbier: Curry-Yogurt Marinated Shrimp Skewers with Green Rice

These marinated-and-grilled shrimp skewers are inspired by South Asian flavors and a splash of hefeweizen—just the thing for the season’s first cookout. (That’s a lie. We never stopped cooking out.)

Cooking With Beer: Helles-Poached Halibut

Pale lager adds a soft, bready sweetness to a bright fish preparation and piquant, Mediterranean-inspired sauce.

Cooking with Hazy Double IPA: Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp and Grits with Tomato-Chipotle Butter

It used to be notoriously difficult to cook with American IPA—it was bitter and challenging—but the continuing evolution of this growing family of styles has created new opportunities for compatibility in the kitchen.

Cooking with Beer: Bratwurst Burger with Ale-Braised Onions & Spicy Mustard

Why yes, we do fire up the grill in mid-winter. Here, brown ale adds layers of Maillard comfort to braised onions and a from-scratch (but simple to make) bratwurst burger.

Cooking with Beer: Aged Cheddar Mac & Cheese with Stout-Braised Short Ribs

With winter nearly upon us, short ribs braised in dry stout add a warm and comforting twist to macaroni and cheese.

Cooking with Imperial Stout: Chocolate Chip Ice Cream in a Mason Jar

Need a surprising dessert for the holiday table? Here, rich imperial stout deepens a simple and palate-refreshing ice cream preparation.

Cooking with American IPA: Queso Dip

With three cheeses, fresh tomatoes, jalapeños, chorizo, and IPA, this is definitely not your neighbor’s Ro-Tel-and-Velveeta cheese dip.