Podcast Episode 258: Tom Shellhammer of Oregon State Finds Fertile Ground in the Terroir of Hops

His recent published study on hop terroir backs up what brewers have known anecdotally—that where a hop is grown can have significant impact in flavor and aroma. But just how much impact is possible, and what causes it?

Find Your Hoppy Place with Sierra Nevada’s Liquid Hoppiness IPA

Sierra Nevada’s juicy autumn seasonal—Liquid Hoppiness—will drop before any of your leaves do.

Video Tip: Managing Sulfur Dioxide and Diacetyl During Lager Fermentation

In this clip from their video course, Dovetail cofounder Hagen Dost explains how they keep sulfur dioxide (SO2) under control, and how they use attenuation to determine when to do a diacetyl rest and when to transfer to lagering tanks.

Podcast Episode 257: West Coast Pilsner Roundtable with Firestone Walker, Highland Park, and Humble Sea

Gather ‘round: Sam Tierney of the Firestone Walker Propagator, Bob Kunz of Highland Park, and Nick Pavlina of Humble Sea discuss the technical and conceptual underpinnings of dry-hopped pilsner, West Coast–style.

Breakout Brewer: Tripping Animals

These former homebrewers brought their talents from Venezuela to Miami, sharing a family-like conviviality while steadily dialing in their vibrant fruit beers and refreshing lagers.

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Recipe: Cellarmaker Mt. Nelson Pale Ale

Mt. Nelson, says Cellarmaker cofounder and head brewer Tim Sciascia, is “one of our most popular pale ales and a perfect representation of the hazy West Coast style. We love showcasing Nelson Sauvin in this aromatic, off-dry, and crushable 5.7 percent ABV package.”

Podcast Episode 256: Tom Riley and Dane Volek of Anchor Open Up About Steam Beer and Open Fermentation

Anchor’s storied past and pivotal role in American beer inform every brewing decision the company makes today, and while some things change, the brewing leadership at Anchor is committed to steam beer in theory and in practice.

Category Controversy: What a Hybrid Beer Is ... and What It Isn't

From Kölsch to cold IPA, American brewers, scientists, and aficionados are viewing the old ale-lager dichotomy as increasingly misleading—and what matters, in the end, is what we taste in the glass.

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Recipe: Pivovar Hostomice Fabián 14°P Tmavé Pivo

“What’s important is that the beer is not overly sweet,” says Štěpán Kříž at Pivovar Hostomice in Czechia. “That’s the most important thing that we’re trying to do. The fullness of the dark malts has to be balanced with hops.”

Tmavé Pivo: The Czech Republic’s Uncommon Dark Lager

Beautiful in the mug, rich on the palate, yet—when properly brewed—so easy to drink in quantity, Czech dark lager is a niche even in its home country. Writing from Prague, Evan Rail talks to the pros to understand the elements and methods that go into a great one.