Malt Liquor: American Nostalgia, Extracted

Since adjunct lagers are cool again, it may be time to give American malt liquor a fresh look. Lean and strong, this adjunct-laden product of the post-Prohibition era has the power to evoke simpler times.

Make Your Best Dry Irish Stout

This one is fast and easy—great for new brewers looking to practice and build their confidence—yet it also offers great depth of flavor and a striking appearance. Surprisingly light and refreshing, the dry stout works well in any season—or, brew it soon to have it ready for St. Pat’s.

Podcast Episode 340: Jason Thompson of Calusa Is Brewing Hazy IPAs That Glow

When this San Diego transplant traded California’s West Coast for Florida’s, he also traded lean, dry IPAs for the full, fruit-forward expression of the New England style. And by focusing on the lightest possible color, controlled mashouts, and refined yeast management, he’s putting this Sarasota brewery on the map.

Brewers’s Perspective: Pale Ale 3.0, A Little Something Extra

The style that helped launch the craft movement has been on the back burner—but the next evolution of American pale ale is underway. Here, brewers Matt Brynildson and Sam Tierney review Firestone Walker’s pale ale journey—and reveal its next destination.

Video Tip: Hopping a Great Cold IPA

Kevin Davey of Heater Allen and Gold Dot Beer—and the progenitor of cold IPA—expounds his views on how best to hop the style, from bittering to dry hops.

Taproom Sales Beyond the Taproom

“Hey, let’s stop by ____ and grab some beers to-go.”

Why Award-Winning Craft-Beverage Producers Are Going with Deutsche

Customization, automation, and quality, in addition to expanded offerings, are drawing brewers, distillers, and more to Deutsche Beverage + Process.

Seeking the Cold Truth on Lagering Times

The lager-brewing tradition is full of received wisdom and rules of thumb about how long it’s supposed to take to condition a beer. In reality, however, there’s no magic formula.

Even in Picturesque Bruges, De Garre Can Transport You

From our Love Handles files on the world’s great beer bars: Famous among beer lovers and centrally located—yet oddly tricky to find—the De Garre pub in Bruges, Belgium, oozes atmosphere and class.

Recipe: Hitzewelle Dunkelweizen

Great to brew or drink at any time of year, the too-often-overlooked Bavarian-style dark wheat beer offers crowd-pleasing flavors and looks impressive in the glass.