Josh Weikert

Recipe: Cannery Row West Coast Red Ale

Whatever you want to call it, the West Coast–style red ale is different from other beers that try to capture it on their margins. If you’re not brewing these, you’re missing out.

Better Brewing: Why We Study the Classics

Few experiences in brewing are more rewarding—or make for better practice—than bringing some undersung, underloved, old-fashioned beer styles to life in your own brewhouse. Josh Weikert makes the case for learning, drinking, and brewing the canon.

Recipe: Bohemian Night Czech-Style Dark Lager

From his Make Your Best series on dialing in various beer styles, here is Josh Weikert’s recipe for a Czech-style dark lager—a session-strength lager with layers of malt flavor and spicy hop character.

Recipe: Der Teufel Belgian-Style Golden Strong Ale

From his Make Your Best series, here is Josh Weikert’s recipe for a Belgian-style strong golden ale inspired by the devilish archetype.

No (Car)boys Allowed!

Want to further simplify your homebrewing? Consider ditching those plastic and glass fermentors, and instead try fermenting in your corny kegs.

Simplify Your Brew Day: How to Chill Out and Stop Chilling

Do you need to immediately chill your wort and pitch right after the boil? Not really. Josh Weikert explains the ease and simplicity of no-chill brewing.

When Homebrewers Go Big: The Case for Buying in Bulk

Still buying only what you need for that next batch? Josh Weikert makes the case for building a library of ingredients, where it’s not just about quality, it’s about quantity.

Recipe: Schwarzwald Schwarzbier

With this fresh recipe from his Make Your Best series, Josh Weikert goes for relatively restrained roast in this dark lager—and you can tinker with it from there.

Brew It Dark & Hoppy: The Balancing Act

Dark malts and ample hops intersect at a risky but rewarding flavor zone where few brewers dare to tread with regularity. Here we dig into recipe choices for distinctive, hop-forward black beers that avoid the pitfalls.

Recipe: Iron Dice American Amber

In a world where nearly everything seems to be a pale and/or juicy IPA, here is a welcome change of pace: a depth of fun malt and hop flavors, patently American without being one-note citrus-driven.