Josh Weikert

Recipe: Wolf & Workman Strong Ale

This strong ale leans into British ingredients and London ale yeast for a robust but elegant brew that also serves ably as a winter warmer.

German IPA—It Should Be More of a Thing

The idea is simple: an IPA that relies on German ingredients—especially the country’s distinctive aroma hops. Does it exist? Yes. Is it rare? Also, yes. Josh Weikert digs into the German and U.S. beer scenes to find out why—and to get the blueprints.

Recipe: Smoky Grove Lichtenhainer

Light, gently tart, and smoked—lichtenhainer is an unusual beer, yet surprisingly good for all seasons and one you’ll want to brew and enjoy often.

Cold, Healthy & Crowded: Lager Fermentation, Simplified

Even homebrewers who consistently ace their ales can get intimidated by the prospect of fermenting a lager. Here, Josh Weikert demystifies what makes it different and shares advice from some pros.

Recipe: Giant Peachtree Double IPA

Remember double IPAs before they went all soft and hazy on us? This is one of those—bright and bitter, with plenty of oomph.

Recipe: Duel Master Black IPA

This throwback American black ale goes for ample hops and rich malt, without overdoing it on the roast.

Balancing Act: The Classic American Pale Ale in a Changing World

The foundational style of independent American brewing is still rooted in its bedrock, even as today’s brewers riff on it in new ways. Whatever take on pale ale you fancy, Josh Weikert explains why you should always order one.

Recipe: Von Steuben’s Colonial Stock Ale

With the Continental Army at Valley Forge in mind, Josh Weikert brews this historically reimagined stock ale with molasses, spruce tips, and a portion of smoked malt.

Recipe: Sternwiese Dortmunder Export

Ready to brew the Cadillac of pale lagers? This recipe has a straightforward infusion mash but gets some extra richness from layers of Munich and Vienna malts.

Recipe: Cannery Row West Coast Red Ale

Whatever you want to call it, the West Coast–style red ale is different from other beers that try to capture it on their margins. If you’re not brewing these, you’re missing out.