Josh Weikert

Recipe: Peach in the Sun Brett Pale Ale

Don’t expect barnyard flavors here: When *Brett* is the sole fermenting agent, the result should be relatively clean.

Recipe: Milkbier Sweet Stout

From his Make Your Best series, here is Josh Weikert's not-so-sweet sweet stout, which gets some roast malt and Fuggles hops to balance the milk sugar and add complexity.

Fewer Yeasts, Better Beer

Consider that you might be better served and produce better beer by choosing from a curated selection of go-to yeasts. Josh Weikert explains the how and why.

Recipe: Dumb Luck Dubbel

The goal isn't sweet and spicy, but rather dry, dark, and deceptively drinkable. Take a stab at this Belgian-style dubbel.

Recipe: Kopfspalter Strong Scotch Ale

From his Make Your Best style series, try this recipe for Josh Weikert's "Headsplitter"—a richly malted strong Scotch ale, a.k.a. wee heavy (hold the peat).

Recipe: No Heart English-Style Barleywine

This rich, malty, warming barleywine recipe is fit for special occasions and long aging.

Recipe: Ostseeküste Baltic Porter

Here is a Baltic porter recipe worthy of patient lagering and maturation.

Brewing Traditions: Baltic Indulgence

Thick, rich, smooth Baltic porter is a comforting treat for the frigid months. If only it were easier to brew...

Recipe: Hot Bock Weizenbock

This big, complex crowd-pleaser winds up like a cross between a banana protein shake and Belgian dubbel. Ferment warm and buckle up.

Recipe: Snowfall Oatmeal Stout

The style allows for creativity, which means that you can choose to dress up whichever part of the profile you prefer, making the beer sweeter, more bitter, less roasty, or more “oaty,” as you like it.