Josh Weikert

Recipe: Jackrabbit Dry Irish Stout

This is an outstanding all-purpose beer that pairs well with a variety of foods, is low in alcohol, and can be turned around relatively quickly. If you have a few taps in your home, you might consider dedicating one to the dry stout—it won’t let you down. Sláinte!

Recipe: Peachtree American IPA

This throwback recipe has a tad more malt backbone and sweetness than today’s leaner West Coast–style IPAs. (It tastes like America.)

Recipe: Roggen Alt

This riff on an altbier recipe includes three different types of rye malt, making it a great way to get to know the ingredient and what it can contribute to a beer.

Let’s Demystify Rye

Why ask rye? Is it actually all that tricky to use? And what does rye really taste like, anyway? Let’s simplify this complex, evocative, old-fashioned ingredient—and make some great beer with it.

Recipe: Collegeville Cream Ale

From Josh Weikert’s Make Your Best series: The dose of sugar and mash regime should help get this dry, while the Crystal hops and light esters add pleasant character to a clean background. The result is a beer that drinks well by the liter.

Mixing It Up: Complex Fermentations, Made Simpler

Opening your fermentations to a wider array of yeasts and bacteria can add great complexity to your beers. It can also add complexity to your brewing process—but the challenge is both surmountable and rewarding.

Recipe: Sauber Traditional Dunkles Bock

Full of malt depth yet dry, leaner than a doppelbock yet sneaky in strength... Once you brew a dunkles bock, you’ll wonder why you don’t have one on tap year-round.

Recipe: Nordstern Eisbock

Brewing a great Eisbock requires restraint. Keep the recipe simple, and let the freezer do the work.

Brewing with Fruit: A User’s Guide

They’re easy to grow, easy to buy, easy to eat, and we know all their names and flavors by heart... if only brewing with fruits were so simple. Here, then, are bushels of practical advice for designing, choosing, processing, and making your own fruit beer.

Recipe: Lerwick Light 60-Shilling Ale

From his Make Your Best series, here’s Josh Weikert’s recipe for a delicate yet flavorful Scottish-style light ale—including an extract version.