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Jeff Alworth

English Old Ale: The Original Barrel-Aged Beers

Old ales have a flavor profile that many younger drinkers, currently rapt with barrel-aged stouts, might love, says Jeff Alworth, thanks to complexity, acidity, and gentle sweetness that make them very contemporary.

Why the Weizenbock Deserves Our Attention

In the world of beer, and certainly German beer, weizenbocks are strange unexpected beers.

Style School: The Ballad of the Irish Stout

Seen as a set-in-stone style today, the Irish stout went through many iterations before landing on the beer we recognize today. Synonymous with nitrogenated pours and a country where rounds of pints are encouraged, this humble ale has quite a history.

Jeff Alworth’s Best of 2018

Jeff Alworth is editor of the Beervana blog and author of several books, including The Beer Bible and Secrets of Master Brewers. Here he offers up beer and brewing experiences that highlight his home in the Pacific Northwest and around the world.