Jeff Alworth

Style School: Bière de Garde Keeps It Real

Overshadowed by Belgian saison and French wine, the “keeping beers” of northernmost France are a product of local ingredients, unique history, and a taste for polite, approachable beers.

Kaimiškas: Get Raw & Rustic with Lithuania’s Unique Farmhouse Beers

Whether “raw” and unboiled, bittered with hop tea, or made from a mash baked into crusty loaves, Lithuanian farmhouse ales represent a distinct tradition of comforting beers that can’t be found anywhere else.

Kölsch: Öh, You’ll Have Another

Far from ordinary, the unassuming Kölsch is a unique beer with its own history and an identity firmly rooted in its city and rituals. Jeff Alworth has the story, with a fresh glass and a tick for your deckel.

Style School: Berliner Weisse Is Legion

The traditional white beer from Berlin has had many guises over the centuries, from simpler Lacto sours to fruit-packed smoothies, via enigmatic, mixed-fermentation constructions more closely aligned with its history.

Style School: The Hallowed Comforts of Doppelbock

Monkish hospitality and devotion gave way to modern commercialism over a few centuries, but this Bavarian product that evolved along the way still has the power to nourish and amaze.

Belgian Tripel: The Golden Glow of Modernity

A 20th-century invention made famous by monks, this strong but elegant ale of hospitality is built from the simplest of ingredients—yet it’s among the most challenging to brew well. Jeff Alworth explains its origins and context.

Recipe: American Throwback Cream Ale

Inspired by tantalizing descriptions of cream ale from the early 20th century, this recipe combines ideas from both the pre- and post-Prohibition eras—including corn in the grist, dry hopping, and above-average strength.

The Smooth-Drinking Gimmickry of Cream Ale

In this edition of Style School, Jeff Alworth explains how an American heirloom style began as a marketing creation of the Industrial Age—and where today’s more playful breweries have run with it.

Vienna Lager: Fire in the Glass

This elegant beer with Austrian roots hides in plain sight pretty much everywhere except Austria. In this edition of Style School, Jeff Alworth explains how Anton Dreher’s 19th century creation is poised for a restoration.

American Pale Ale: Hops in Harmony

Our country’s signature flavor profile was not born in Burton, but in the hop fields of Oregon.