Craft Beer & Brewing Staff

Five on Five: Dark Lager

While drinkability remains the supreme goal, the dark side of Planet Lager can offer richer delights than the brighter styles. Despite their more exotic look, they can also be surprisingly light and refreshing. Here are five top picks from the pros.

Make Some Brave Noise of Your Own

Homebrewers can join the Brave Noise collaboration for a safer, more inclusive beer industry by helping to keep the conversation going—and by brewing and sharing this light, juicy pale ale.

Editors’ Picks: Berliner Weisse

Is the future of Berliner weisse to be found in the past? These five mixed-fermentation versions offer a glimpse of what was and what remains possible.

Recipe: Weger Brothers American Bock 1909

Based on notes taken by Paul Kaiser, who brewed at Weger Brothers in Philadelphia, here is a recipe for a bock lager in the early 20th-century American fashion.

Five on Five: Saison and Farmhouse Beers

From malt-forward bières de garde to New World hoppy takes dripping in fruits from the bine, the approaches are myriad and the influences widespread. But which do brewers themselves love? We asked five for their favorites.

Infographic: Openings & Closings

Recent numbers from the Brewers Association paint an interesting picture about the impact of a year of COVID-19 on brewery openings and closings.

Editors’ Picks: Doppelbock

The best doppelbocks eschew excessive sweetness and embrace balance—despite offering deep malt complexity and festive, brain-tickling strength. Here are five we love.

Editors’ Picks: Belgian Tripel

Golden-blond with a lithe body, lively mouthfeel, resilient foam, and sneaky strength—equally at home on the dinner table or next to your easy chair—here are a few of our favorite tripels.

Editors’ Picks: Cream Ale

The bright and lively nature of this hybrid style makes it the perfect choice as an American alternative to European lagers. While the name can be more sleight-of-hand than literal, that won’t stop us from recommending five we love.

Five Stouts Beloved by the Pros

Stouts are intrinsically tied to craft’s beyond-the-mainstream appeal. From dry and sweet sessionable stouts to big barrel-aged ones and adjunct-laden “dessert” stouts, there’s something for every kind of drinker. But which do brewers themselves love?