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Five on Five: Smoked Beer

When it comes to building big flavor into smaller, session-strength beers, smoke is fire. These five picks from the pros are sure to make sparks fly.

Five on Five: Saison

It may be more story than style, but these five examples inspire the five brewers who recommend them.

Infographic: The Best from ... Where?

Breweries submitted more than 1,200 beers to Craft Beer & Brewing for blind panel reviews in 2023, culminating in our annual Best in Beer issue. But which states sent the most beer? Here we map it out.

Editors’ Picks: The Brewer’s Library

Need a last-minute gift idea? Here are some quick hits on new beery reads.

Best in Beer 2023 Readers’ Choice: Best Beer Bars Around the World

Pubs, bars, and cafés are crucial to the experience and communityof craft beer and a vital link between maker and consumer. Here are your 20 favorites in 2023.

Best in Beer 2023 Readers’ Choice: Your Favorite Beer Cities

The best cities in the United States and the world for drinking craft beer in 2023 are ...

Best in Beer 2023 Readers’ Choice: Who Brews It Best?

What’s your go-to brewery for IPA? What about for abbey-style ale, stout, or lager? You voted, we tallied—and here are your favorite breweries broken down by style.

Best in Beer Readers’ Choice: Your Top 25 Beers of 2023

You voted, we tabulated. As determined by our annual Readers’ Choice poll, here are your favorite 25 beers of 2023.

Best in Beer Readers’ Choice: Your Favorite Breweries in 2023

You voted, we tallied. From our annual Readers’ Choice survey, here are your favorite breweries—broken down by size, based on how many barrels brewed per year.

Five Lagers that Brewers Love to Drink

Brewers have warm hearts for cold-fermented beers, and we asked these five brewers to share the objects of their greatest affection.

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