Craft Beer and Brewing

Infographic: Hop Variety Winners and Losers

Hop growers are aware of trends, making their best educated guesses on future demand. From 2018 to 2019, here's a look at which varieties gained the most acres, and which varieties lost.

Five on Five: IPA

Craft beer's best-selling category offers a deluge of choices. What's worthy of your glass? We asked the brewers of GABF gold-medal–winning beers to share their top picks.

Brewers and Drinkers Raise Cash for Clean Water

Nonprofit group Drink Local, Think Global has enlisted more than 100 breweries so far in an October effort to assist communities hit by an extreme water crisis.

Great American Beer Festival: By the Numbers

In short: It biggered. Here's a statistical look at America’s largest beer festival.

Editors’ Picks: Weizenbock

Leave understatement to the lagers. These big, estery wheats celebrate the fine flavors of rich fermentation.

Editors' Picks: Pastry Stouts

Here are five imperial stouts that combine indulgent sweetness with chocolate and roast balance, managing that elusive “drinkability” despite big, bold, lush flavors.

Facebook to Expand Restrictions on Sales of Alcohol

ISO: a new place to get those desired bottles online

Gear Test: Small-Scale Chillers

Homebrewers have more temperature-control options at their fingertips than ever before, and these compact glycol chillers bring professional-level control and speed to even the smallest of setups.

Registration Window for the National Homebrew Competition Opens Soon

The annual event celebrates the best homebrewing in America with winners to be announced at Homebrew Con in June.

Best of 2018: Homebrew Brands, Brew Gear, and Retailers

We asked the readers of Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine to weigh in on their favorite homebrew brands, gear, and retailers for our best of 2018 issues. Here's the companies that rank high among our readers.