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Editors’ Picks: Keg Apps, Sensory Kits, and Tough Coolers

Looking for new gear? The Plaato Keg Management System, Yeti Roadie 24, and Brew Essence Sensory Training Kits were among our Editors' Picks in Issue 39.

Five on Five: Lagers

Lagers are enjoying a moment with American brewers, as savvy drinkers discover their subtlety and nuance. But which ones do brewers themselves gravitate toward? We asked five for their faves.

Editors' Picks: American Pale Ale

From old school to new and from breweries across the country, here are a few of our favorite American pale ales.

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Cooking with Beer: IPA Mac & Cheese

Courtesy of Denver’s Hops & Pie pizzeria and taproom, you can enjoy this IPA-infused comfort dish any day of the year.

Editors’ Picks: Click HERE for Beer

One of the bright spots of this challenging year: Getting beer delivered to your doorstep has gone mainstream. Here are some apps that make it simple.

Editors’ Picks: Gueuze-Inspired Blends

Informed by the Belgian tradition but rooted in their own places, here are five beers brewed and blended in the manner of lambic and gueuze.

Editors' Picks: Wheat Beers

Not flashy but sublime, refreshing, and comforting—especially on a hot day—here are a few of the world's finest wheat beers.

Editors’ Picks: Belgian Gueuze

Here are the OGs—a few of the most refined versions of the most complex drink in the world.

Recipe: Black Is Beautiful Imperial Stout

Another highly unusual brewing collaboration emerges from what has been a highly unusual year.

Five on Five: Mixed-Culture Beers

Mixed-culture beers run the gamut from lighter, nuanced, farmhouse-style ales to acid-forward wild ales and lambic beers. Here, five respected brewers share favorites from these broad categories that influenced them or exemplify the best of today.