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Best in Beer 2022, Readers’ Choice: Homebrew Brands, Gear & Retailers of the Year

From your favorite homebrewing gear to your go-to shops for ingredients and more, here are the top picks of Craft Beer & Brewing readers.

Best in Beer 2022, Readers’ Choice: Who Brews It Best?

Which brewery makes the best saison? Who brews the best lagers? We asked, you voted. Here are the results.

Five on Five: Lager Recs from the Pros

Pale, hoppy, smoked, or strong—brewers’ favorite lagers run the gamut. Yet drinkability and balance are primary traits that tie them all together.

Five on Five: Wheat Ales

Wheat beers, in the hands of skilled brewers, bring out the best of expressive yeasts. Here, five pros share their favorites, across styles.

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Recipe: Forager Chicatana Barrel-Aged Stout

With thanks to Forager’s cofounder and head brewer Austin Jevne, this homebrew-scale recipe combines the Forager approach to barrel-aged stout with the earthy, nutty, toasty flavor contribution of Mexican flying ants.

Five on Five: Belgian Beers, as Chosen by the Pros

We asked five brewing pros about their most beloved Belgian beers—any style, as long as it’s made in Belgium. Here’s what they recommend.

Recipe: Tongs of the Ancients Stone Beer

This is less a recipe and more a set of guidelines and guesses, partly inspired by the Dundulis Moko Maukas Akmeninis stone beer in Lithuania, as described by Simonas Gutautas.

Editors’ Picks: Hoppy Seltzer, a New Cleaner Option, and a Bespoke Churchkey

From drinking to cleaning to a serious conversation piece, here are a few new products we’re enjoying.

Five on Five: British Pub Ales

The arts of brewing, cellaring, and serving cask ales can elevate subtle, elegant recipes into brilliant showcases of great character and drinkability. Here, five pros share their top picks.

Editors’ Picks: Světlé Pivo

Czech lager’s simplicity is deceptive; there is much more to it than Saaz hops, pils malt, and soft water. Here are five favorites that combine ample character with exquisite balance and supreme drinkability.