Craft Beer and Brewing

Brewer's List: Five on Five

Game recognizes game. Here, we’ve asked five of the country's most accomplished brewers for their favorite beers of the past year.

Editors' Picks: Brown Ales of Belgium

Historical quirks, local preference, and individual creativity all have a say in the diversity of Belgium’s brown ales.

Infographic: How and Where Do People Like to Buy Beer?

Based on data from the beverage delivery app Drizly, here is a look at how and where people are choosing their beer and other alcoholic drinks.

Five on Five: Pastry Stouts

There’s no shortage of creative pastry stouts out there these days. Mixing a dessert-like base style with actual dessert has become a decadent sort of art form. We asked five brewers to share their suggestions for this sweet treat of a style.

Best in Beer 2019 Readers' Choice: Package Power & Favorite Glassware

Our annual Best in Beer reader survey asked how you like to buy your beer, and what's your favored vessel for drinking it. Here's what you told us.

Editors’ Picks: Strong Scottish Ale

These four exemplary beers inspired by the Scottish ale tradition showcase malt complexity and spirited fermentation.

Best in Beer 2019 Readers' Choice: Wishlist Beers

For our annual Best in Beer survey, we asked you to tell us what beers you haven’t had (yet) but are tops on your list to seek out. Here's what you told us.

Best in Beer 2019 Readers' Choice: Favorite Ingredients & Beer Styles

For our annual Best in Beer survey, we asked thousands of you what brewing ingredients you prefer to use, and what types of beer you like to brew (and drink). Here's what you told us.

Editors' Picks: Farmhouse Ales

Make it funky, or keep it rustic? From Saccharomyces fermentations to mixed-culture medleys, here are some of the finest retellings of that old story called "saison."

Best in Beer 2019: Your Favorite Cities & Beer Bars

Where to drink? We asked, and you told us. Here are our readers' top destinations for enjoying great beer.