Stu Blake

Using Distilled Water with Your Homebrewing Recipes (Video Tip)

Depending on your local water source you might need to make adjustments to its chemistry before homebrewing. Here's some insight on how to get your water where you want it.

Adjusting pH in Your Mash when Homebrewing (Video Tip)

There are a number of steps or methods that you can use when homebrewing and have the need to adjust your pH. In this video tip learn about the process from Stu Blake of Second Act Beer.

When Should You Be Taking Gravity Readings with Your Hydrometer? (Video Tip)

Stu Blake, the founder of 2nd Act beer is here with this video tip that goes over the basics of this necessary piece of brewing equipment.

Full Video: Homebrew Instrumentation

In this 110-minute video, 2nd Act Beer Founder Stu Blake covers homebrew instrumentation, readings, interpretation, and actions you can take following the readings, helping you make better, more consistent beer.