Brandon Capps

Video Tip: Have Patience and an Open Mind When Barrel-Aging Barleywine

Give those barrels plenty of time before tasting, says New Image founder Brandon Capps, and be open to new possibilities when tasting different components for blending.

Video Tip: Blending Your Team to Taste and Blend Barrel-Aged Barleywines

When it’s time to pull nails and evaluate components for blending, New Image’s Brandon Capps recommends including tasters who are less familiar with the style, while also ensuring that tasting happens blindly and individually.

Video Tip: Finishing on Wood to Deepen the Flavors of Barrel-Aged Beers

Brandon Capps, founder of Colorado’s New Image Brewing, explains how adding different types of new wood to barrel-aged barleywines can add depth and freshen their flavors before packaging.

Video Tip: Harnessing Macro-Oxidation to Accelerate the Aging of Barleywines

Brandon Capps, founder of Colorado’s New Image Brewing, explains how they use a Madeira-inspired “estufagem” process to intentionally give barleywine a head start in the aging process.

Video Course: Building Big Barrel-Aged Barleywines with New Image

From selecting malts with intention to deploying Madeira-inspired macro-oxidation, finishing on different woods, and blending to taste, New Image founder Brandon Capps outlines a technical approach to crafting characterful barrel-aged barleywines.

Recipe: New Image Pure Isolate Double IPA

Courtesy of New Image founder Brandon Capps, here is a homebrew-scale recipe for Pure Isolate, a hazy double IPA that makes use of liquid hop terpenes.

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