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Building Big Barrel-Aged Barleywines with New Image (Audio)

Author Brandon Capps
Format Audio

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In this 66-minute course, Capps focuses on New Image’s approach to barrel-aged barleywines, from intentions and ingredients and on through brewing, fermentation, aging, and blending, all while harnessing the key components of oxidation, wood, and time. Along the way, he covers:

  • choosing your approach and selecting malts with intention
  • aiming for different starting gravities to produce different blending components
  • using Noble and aged hops for stability and preservation
  • selecting yeast for attenuation and healthy fermentation
  • using a brewhouse built for high gravities and high boil-off rates
  • using the boil to concentrate the wort for higher starting gravities
  • aiming for high attenuation despite high gravities
  • using nutrients and oxygen to give the fermentation a strong start
  • cool-conditioning and clarifying barleywine before barrel aging
  • degassing before aging, and treating oxidation as a key component
  • experimenting with Madeira-inspired macro-oxidation
  • understanding the flavors in the wood
  • planning for time as a component, depending on the barrel
  • using wood finishing to freshen up an aged barleywine
  • tasting and blending components to assemble great barleywines
  • And more.

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