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Video Course: Defeat the Hop Creep with Russian River’s Vinnie Cilurzo

It’s a pernicious problem for today’s brewers: the risk of hop creep from dry-hopping. In this detailed video course, Russian River cofounder and brewmaster Vinnie Cilurzo digs into the root causes—and lays out strategies to beat it in your own brewery.

Vinnie Cilurzo Mar 23, 2022 - 2 min read

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Dry-hopping is an important technique in craft brewing today, particularly for all kinds of IPAs. However, adding hops to the fermentor also can lead to unforeseen consequences—namely, hop creep. The secondary fermentation that results from enzymes on the hops can lead to out-of-spec beers, longer tank time than expected, and buttery off-flavors.

In this 71-minute video course, Russian River cofounder and brewmaster Vinnue Cilurzo—highly respected among fellow brewers for his IPAs as well as his deep knowledge of hops and hopping techniques—digs into the particulars of hop creep, including:

  • What is hop creep, exactly?
  • Why and how does it happen?
  • Hop creep’s potential effects on safety, tank time, and off-flavors
  • Strategies to minimize and mitigate the risk of hop creep
  • Specific ways to remedy hop creep
  • The role of enzymes, including exogenous enzymes that can prevent hop creep

And much more.

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