Eric Ponce

Video Tip: Emptying Barrels Means Testing, Testing, Testing (and Tasting)

Getting beer out of the barrels and processing it into brite tanks involves constant monitoring and multiple lab tests at Firestone Walker—and maybe just a bit of tasting and celebration, as Eric Ponce explains.

Video Tip: Oxidation, Blending, and Barleywine

In moderation, oxidative flavors can add welcome depth to barrel-aged barleywines and other strong ales. One way to get there, explains Firestone Walker’s Eric Ponce, is via careful blending of younger and older beers.

Video Tip: Controlling the Variables for Aging Beer in Spirit Barrels

It begins with a recipe designed for barrel-aging, and sourcing the best and freshest barrels possible. It continues with an understanding of how storage temperature affects flavor extraction. Firestone Walker’s Eric Ponce explains.

Video Tip: Creating Barrel-Aged & Blended Cocktail-Inspired Beers

From idea to grain to glass, Firestone Walker’s Eric Ponce underscores the creative potential of barrel-aging and blending by walking us through the development of Mezca-Limón, a strong ale inspired by mezcalita cocktails.

Full Video: Barrel-Aging & Blending Big Beers with Firestone Walker

In this video course, Firestone Walker’s Eric Ponce shares advice and lays out the careful process behind the brewery’s barrel-aged and blended blockbusters such as Parabola and Anniversary Ale.