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Video Course: Brewing Award-Winning Helles with Altstadt

Ready to dive deep into some helles? From grist to glass, join Altstadt head brewer Craig Rowan for a focused, detailed course on how to brew a great Munich-style helles.

Craig Rowan Apr 27, 2022 - 1 min read

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Altstadt Brewery in Fredericksburg, Texas, is fully dedicated to brewing and serving traditional German-style beers, from its impressive, copper-plated Rolec brewhouse to its high-ceilinged beer-hall atmosphere. That spirit and attention to detail naturally extend to the beers, including the Lager, a Munich-style helles that won gold—as did their Kölsch—at the Great American Beer Festival in 2019.

In this 57-minute video course, head brewer Craig Rowan breaks down Altstadt’s entire approach to brewing an award-winning helles, including details on water, ingredients, grist ratio, mash steps, fermentation, lagering, carbonation, finishing, and more.

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