Jeff Stuffings

Recipe: Jester King Le Petit Prince

Courtesy of Jeff Stuffings, founder of Austin’s Jester King Brewery, this homebrew-scale recipe for their highly regarded rustic table beer uses funky bottle dregs combined with a blend of saison yeasts to approximate their unique house culture.

Video Tip: What to Know About Bottle Conditioning Your Mixed-Fermentation Ales

Time is a precious ingredient, even after packaging. Jester King founder Jeff Stuffings lays out some key considerations for bottling and conditioning your rustic, mixed-fermentation beers.

Video Tip: Get Creative with Farmhouse Fermentations

In this clip from his video course, Jester King’s Jeff Stuffings discusses the wide range of possibilities—pure cultures, bottle dregs, native yeasts, and more—when it comes to choosing yeast and/or bacteria to ferment your farmhouse-inspired beers.

Video Tip: Embracing Hops for Saisons & Table Beers

Jester King founder Jeff Stuffings explains their approach to hopping their rustic farmhouse ales, often choosing to embrace large quantities of low-alpha, spicy Noble hops. He also discusses aging hops on site for their more lambic-like beers.

Video Tip: The Terroir of Water and its Impact on the Character of Farmhouse Ales

Traditionally, farmhouse brewers were homebrewers—and when it comes to water, there’s a lot to be said for making the most of what you have to brew distinctive beers. Here, Jester King’s Jeff Stuffings explains the importance of well water to their ales.

Full Video: Brewing Farmhouse Ales & Table Beers with Jester King

In this video course, Jester King founder Jeff Stuffings lays out their whole approach to brewing and fermenting saisons, table beers, and other dry, full-flavored, rustic ales that taste of their place.