Dave Carpenter

The Magic of the Boil

Much of what becomes beer is made in the kettle. From our Illustrated Guide to Homebrewing, here’s a look at what’s going on in there and the many decisions we can make along the way.

Wort Preparation, Simplified: In Defense of Extract Brewing

In this excerpt from our Illustrated Guide to Homebrewing, we discuss brewing with extracts and steeping with specialty grains—and why there is much to be said for embracing them at home.

Yeast Preparation, Simplified

The quality of your beer hinges on the yeast and handling it properly—but it need not be difficult. From our Illustrated Guide to Homebrewing, here’s what you need to know about types of yeast and how to manage them so that your fermentation goes to plan.

A Beginner’s Guide to Brewery Sanitation

Sanitation is the first essential step in making great beer—and it’s not difficult to do it right. From our Illustrated Guide to Homebrewing, here are the basics and some useful tips.

Homebrewing 101: The Gear You’ll Need to Get Started

From our Illustrated Guide to Homebrewing, here’s a rundown of the basic equipment you’ll want to have on hand.

New to Brewing? Know Your Ingredients.

Know your raw materials, and you’ll forever have the upper hand when you brew.

So You Want to Brew Beer? 8 Essential Steps to Making Great Beer

New to brewing? Welcome to the world’s most rewarding hobby. It can be as simple or as complicated (and as cheap or as expensive) as you want to make it. This opening section of our Illustrated Guide offers an overview of the basics—with much more to come.


Missed the window for brewing an Oktoberfest beer for your Oktoberfest party? No problem! Mocktoberfest to the rescue.

“Multigrain Fruit Juice” Pale Ale Recipe

Beer nerds, here’s the mimosa mixer you’ve been looking for.

Adding Flavors to Your Stout

Here are some tips for adding flavorings to your homebrewed stouts.