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Recipe: Sapwood Cellars Pillowfort

From Sapwood Cellars in Columbia, Maryland, here’s a homebrew-scale iteration of their ever-evolving, Azacca-and-Citra-powered hazy double IPA, Pillowfort. Note the mash hops and cold dry hopping—two signatures of the Sapwood Cellars method.

Video Tip: Sourcing the Best Local Fruit You Can Find

Sapwood Cellars cofounder and ”Mad Fermentationist” Michael Tonsmeire talks about finding and identifying the best local, fresh fruit you can for mixed-culture or other fruit-focused beers.

Video Tip: Opening Up to Smoothie Sours

Sometimes, the least “beer-like” beer can be the fun one that wins friends and influences people. In this clip from his video course, Sapwood Cellars cofounder Michael Tonsmeire makes the case for smoothie-style fruit beers.

Video Tip: Considering Purees and Juices for Simpler Fruit Beers

Sapwood Cellars cofounder and ”Mad Fermentationist” Michael Tonsmeire discusses practical aspects of adding aseptic purees and fruit juices to the tank, including volume and pulp.

Video Tip: Using Aseptic Fruit Products for Clean Beers

Sapwood Cellars cofounder and ”Mad Fermentationist” Michael Tonsmeire speaks to the reliability of aseptic purees, juices, and similar products for cleaner, simpler fruit beers that undergo straightforward fermentations.

Video Course: The Mad Fermentationist’s Practical Guide to Brewing with Fruit

Sapwood Cellars cofounder, brewer, and ”Mad Fermentationist” Michael Tonsmeire shares his expertise in all things fruit—sourcing, selecting, processing, blending, brewing, barrel-aging, and more.

Recipe: Sapwood Cellars Neologism

This highly complex yet super-drinkable, dry-hopped, mixed-culture, gin barrel–aged golden ale combines the expertise of the two authors and cofounders at Sapwood Cellars—and it went on to become one of our Best 20 Beers in 2022.

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