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Christopher Tropeano

The Art of Blending Hops (Video Tip)

Using a single hop variety in a recipe is the truest way to see the expression of a certain hop and what it brings to a beer. Once you understand that hop, it's time to master blending.

Why You Should Always Use Quality Hops (Video Tip)

The quality of the hops your use in your beer can mean the difference between an excellent pint and one immediately ready for a drain pour. Choose wisely and well.

The Importance of Pressurizing Tanks when Brewing Hoppy Beers

Ready to take your hoppy beers to the next level? In this video tip Chris Tropeano discusses proper purging methods and oxygen levels for packaging that will help your beers taste fresh.

The Benefits of Cold Dry-hopping Beers (Video Tip)

Chris Tropeano, founder of Resident Culture Brewing shares his thoughts on cold dry hopping and why it works for his brewery.