The Importance of Pressurizing Tanks when Brewing Hoppy Beers

Ready to take your hoppy beers to the next level? In this video tip Chris Tropeano discusses proper purging methods and oxygen levels for packaging that will help your beers taste fresh.

Christopher Tropeano Jun 27, 2019 - 2 min read

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If you want to brew a lot of hoppy beers, it's important to invest in the right equipment. Chris Tropeano of Resident Culture Brewing explains his brewery's process for minimizing the amount of oxygen that goes into each can that leaves the brewery. Still, freshness remains key to flavor success. Learn more in this video tip.

About this Course

Chris Tropeano, founder of Resident Culture Brewing and former brewer at Russian River, covers all of the practical knowledge you need to brew better hoppy beers. Tropeano covers everything from hops blending + selection to using the proper form of hops to get the most beer out of every batch without sacrificing flavor. This course includes more than 110 minutes of video.

Plus learn about:
- Hops blending
- Evaluating hops
- Hopping rates and diminishing returns
- Hot-side hopping techniques
- Cold-side hopping techniques
- Oxygen impacts and reduction
- The different forms of hops
- Plus 5 recipes for your next hoppy beer
- And much more!