The Art of Blending Hops (Video Tip)

Using a single hop variety in a recipe is the truest way to see the expression of a certain hop and what it brings to a beer. Once you understand that hop, it's time to master blending.

Christopher Tropeano Aug 6, 2019 - 2 min read

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In this extended video tip Chris Tropeano of Resident Culture Brewing goes deep on single hopped beers.

It's the truest way to see the expression of a certain hop and what it brings to a beer, he says, and by learning the nuances, strengths, and weakensses of one hop variety it can help you bring thoughtful combinations to your next beer.

Tropeano walks us through a multitude of hops, what he's found they bring to a beer and how Resident Culture works to combine them to bring full flavored and interesting IPAs to the glass.

About this Course

Chris Tropeano, founder of Resident Culture Brewing and former brewer at Russian River, covers all of the practical knowledge you need to brew better hoppy beers. Tropeano covers everything from hops blending + selection to using the proper form of hops to get the most beer out of every batch without sacrificing flavor. This course includes more than 110 minutes of video.

Plus learn about:
- Hops blending
- Evaluating hops
- Hopping rates and diminishing returns
- Hot-side hopping techniques
- Cold-side hopping techniques
- Oxygen impacts and reduction
- The different forms of hops
- Plus 5 recipes for your next hoppy beer
- And much more!