Video Tip: Managing Acidity in Lactic Fermentation

Know your bugs and how fast they work, and keep an eye on that pH. In this clip from our full video course on kettle-souring, Resident Culture's Chris Tropeano talks about careful kettle-souring.

Christopher Tropeano Nov 28, 2019 - 1 min read

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Chris Tropeano, cofounder and head brewer at Resident Culture in Charlotte, North Carolina, covers the ins and outs of making tart but tasty and complex beers using the kettle-souring method.

In the full 54-minute video, Tropeano covers:

  • recipe formulation
  • various souring methods
  • how hops affect souring
  • ideal brewing equipment
  • souring process and boiling
  • fermentation
  • adding adjuncts

And much more.

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