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Full Video: How to Fix Sh*t in Your Brewery, with 2nd Shift

Steve Crider, founder-brewer-handyman at 2nd Shift Brewing in St. Louis, shares his know-how on keeping a brewery running—and what to do when things break down.

Steve Crider Jan 16, 2020 - 1 min read

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Steve Crider, founder and brewer at 2nd Shift in St. Louis, Missouri, has a reputation among his peers for at least two things: (1) a wide range of tasty beers of high technical quality, and (2) being Mr. Fix-It. Local brewers whose thermostats or canning lines break down have been known to call Crider for advice before they call expensive professionals.

Among other topics, the full 55-minute video course covers:

  • Fixing pumps, regulators, and valves
  • Equipment storage techniques
  • The basic tools you need to keep your brewery running
  • Saving money and building your own tap handles
  • Safety tips
  • Keeping your brewery clean and infection free

And much more.

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