Taylor Caron

Editors' Picks: Homebrew Gear

Options abound these days for homebrewers with the means to upgrade their equipment. Here, our reviewers take Grainfather's glycol chller and conical out for a spin, as well as the Blichmann RipTide pump.

Full Video: Brewing Techniques for High Gravity Beers

Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine® contributor Taylor Caron covers everything you need to know about high gravity and high alcohol brewing, fermenting, and packaging.

A Novel Approach to DMS Reduction, Part 2

Is it possible to make an all-barley malt beer of very low color, and still avoid DMS?

A Novel Approach to DMS Reduction, Part 1

If you want to brew a very, very, light colored 100 percent barley beer but are concerned about DMS, take heart. Intrepid homebrew experimenter Taylor Caron has hit upon the idea of a pre-boil “DMS rest.”

'Festival of Light' Light Lager Recipe

This beer is much more about process than ingredients, so don’t let the simplicity of it fool you.

D-Lite Festbier Recipe

Here's an all grain festbier recipe to get you in the spirit for this time of year.

Start It Up! Dry-Hopped Lager Recipe

Taylor Caron, the manager of Hops & Berries homebrew supply store in Fort Collins, Colorado, shared this recipe for a dry-hopped American light lager.

Many Ways to Love Your Lauter

Fly sparge, batch sparge, no sparge, BIAB—we tested 4 sparging methods to help you decide which is best for you and your brew system.

Lauter Then Wort Saison Recipe

Here’s a simple saison. The Mandarina hops give a bright herbal citrus nose on top of the farmhousey Ardennes yeast, which gets more spicy the warmer you ferment, but feel free to substitute your favorite fruity hops.

Ingredients Definitely Matter, Don’t They?

Floor-malted base malts are prized for their rich, aromatic flavor that is far more intense than is usually achieved by industrial malting procedures. Here’s a closer look at what makes them different.