'Festival of Light' Light Lager Recipe

This beer is much more about process than ingredients, so don’t let the simplicity of it fool you.

Taylor Caron Dec 28, 2017 - 2 min read

'Festival of Light' Light Lager Recipe Primary Image

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Batch size: 5 gallons (19 liters)
Brewhouse efficiency: 72%
OG: 1.058
FG: 1.015
IBUs: 25
ABV: 5.8%


11 lb (4.99 kg) Weyermann Extra-Pale Pilsner
6 oz (170 g) Acidulated Malt


1.5 oz (42.5 g) Tettnanger (4.2% AA) at 60 minutes, .5 oz (14 g) Tettnanger (4.2% AA) at 10 minutes


A slurry from a 4L starter (or simply four packages) of WLP 860 Helles, or your favorite Bavarian lager strain. Three sachets of W-34/70 should work just fine, and is readily attainable.


Dough in with at 150°F for an hour, mash out, vorlauft and lauter as usual. Allow the wort to stand covered on low heat, 165–180°F for at least 30 minutes before bringing to a boil. There’s no reason you couldn’t mash out at 175 or so and then just go shopping before coming back to vorlauft. I can always use an excuse to extend the brewday.

Chill to 48–50°F before pitching. Increase temperature to 58°F on day 10 and allow to reach terminal gravity. Chill to mid-40’s and lager for a month before packaging as you like. Serve with friends throughout the festival seasons. If there’s any left over, make up your own festival!