Jonathan Reeves

Video Tip: The Overarching Importance of Water and pH

The pH of wort affects flavor, clarity, hop utilization, and more. Longtime Port City head brewer Jonathan Reeves explains why water and pH adjustment—and measuring it at different steps in the brewing process—is a key to brewing consistently great beer.

Video Tip: Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

Study the classics, and use the best ingredients and equipment you can. One secret to making great beer is knowing that others have done the hard work for us—from the brewers who came before us to the farmers who produce our raw materials.

Video Tip: Think of Your Beer as a Photograph

Longtime Port City brewmaster Jonathan Reeves explains the parallels between brewing and photography—and how those processes can always be improved in the ongoing project to make people happy.

Full Video: Award-Winning Beer Quality with Jonathan Reeves

Northern Virginia’s Port City Brewing has been a perennial GABF medal-winner since its founding a decade ago. In this video course, Jonathan Reeves shares his top-to-bottom approach to ensuring technical excellence in the brewing program.