Video Tip: Why American Two-Row is the Malt of Choice for Cold IPA

Kevin Davey of Heater Allen and Gold Dot Beer explains the science behind why domestic two-row pale malt is ideal for pairing up with rice or corn for a crisp, cold IPA whose flavors will last longer.

Video Tip: Rice or Corn? Brewing with Adjuncts for Cold IPA

Body-lightening adjuncts are a key component of cold IPA. Here, Kevin Davey of Heater Allen and Gold Dot Beer gets into the details of mashing and brewing with different forms of rice and corn, as well as the pros and cons of each ingredient.

Video Tip: Hopping a Great Cold IPA

Kevin Davey of Heater Allen and Gold Dot Beer—and the progenitor of cold IPA—expounds his views on how best to hop the style, from bittering to dry hops.

Video Tip: American Two-Row and Adjuncts Are Made for Each Other

Kevin Davey, co-owner of Heater Allen Brewing and Gold Dot Beer, explains why domestic two-row is the base malt of choice for cold IPA, combining with adjuncts such as rice or corn for lighter body and longer shelf life.

Video Course: Mastering Cold IPA

The brewer who invented and defined cold IPA—Kevin Davey of Heater Allen and Gold Dot Beer—shares the tips and techniques needed to brew one that shines.

Kevin Davey on the Thinking Behind “Cold IPA”

If you don’t like the phrase “cold IPA,” blame Kevin Davey, brewmaster at lager-centric Wayfinder Beer in Portland, Oregon. He coined it to describe a particular lager-ale hybrid; since then, a growing throng of brewers have picked up on the trend. Here, he explains more about the term and where it may be going.

Recipe: Wayfinder Relapse IPA

Courtesy of Wayfinder Beer in Portland, Oregon, here is a recipe for their "cold IPA," which earned a spot among our Best 20 Beers of 2020.