Video Tip: Why American Two-Row is the Malt of Choice for Cold IPA

Kevin Davey of Heater Allen and Gold Dot Beer explains the science behind why domestic two-row pale malt is ideal for pairing up with rice or corn for a crisp, cold IPA whose flavors will last longer.

Kevin Davey Jan 31, 2024 - 2 min read

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Cold IPA is here to stay. With its bright, lean, and bitter profile, the style continues to appeal to those who seek a counterpoint to softer hazy IPAs. From the start, the brewer who came up with the style while brewmaster at Wayfinder in Portland, Oregon—Kevin Davey, now co-owner of Heater Allen and Gold Dot Beer—has been vocal about what the style should and should not be.

In this 54-minute video course, Davey lays out everything you need to know to brew a great example of this “Wester than West Coast” style, including:

  • cold IPA explained, and why it is closer to malt liquor than IPL or brut IPA
  • embracing American two-row malt
  • choosing and working with adjuncts
  • cereal mashing on infusion systems
  • hop character and selecting your varieties
  • locking in bitterness with early hop additions
  • dry hopping “warm” for better aroma
  • fermenting warm with lager yeast
  • yeast choice and hop creep
  • repitching yeast from a lager brew
  • crashing and fining for brilliant clarity

And more.

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