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Video Course: Mastering Cold IPA

The brewer who invented and defined cold IPA—Kevin Davey of Heater Allen and Gold Dot Beer—shares the tips and techniques needed to brew one that shines.

Kevin Davey Jan 3, 2024 - 2 min read

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Cold IPA is here to stay. With its bright, lean, and bitter profile, the style continues to appeal to those who seek a counterpoint to softer hazy IPAs. From the start, the brewer who came up with the style while brewmaster at Wayfinder in Portland, Oregon—Kevin Davey, now co-owner of Heater Allen and Gold Dot Beer—has been vocal about what the style should and should not be.

In this 54-minute video course, Davey lays out everything you need to know to brew a great example of this “Wester than West Coast” style, including:

  • cold IPA explained, and why it is closer to malt liquor than IPL or brut IPA
  • embracing American two-row malt
  • choosing and working with adjuncts
  • cereal mashing on infusion systems
  • hop character and selecting your varieties
  • locking in bitterness with early hop additions
  • dry hopping “warm” for better aroma
  • fermenting warm with lager yeast
  • yeast choice and hop creep
  • repitching yeast from a lager brew
  • crashing and fining for brilliant clarity

And more.

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