Zac Harris

Zac Harris is the founder of Eurisko Beer Co.

The Importance of Hot Side Temperature Control when Homebrewing (Video Tip)

Zac Harris talks about the nuance and importance of temperature control during the brewing process to ensure that your final result is perfect.

An Inside Look at Step Mashing (Video Tip)

Consistency is key when it comes to step mashing. Get a peek inside the Euresko Beer Co. brewery and learn about the process and how you can apply it to your homebrewing.

Creating the Right Water Profile for Your German-style Beers (Video Tip)

With a little research and the right tools you can create a water profile that will give you a true to classic style beer. In this video tip, Zac Harris shares his expertise.

What Is the Value of Mashing in at Low Temperatures? (Video Tip)

Zac Harris of Eurisko Beer Co. talks about how to best employ a mash rest while homebrewing and how similar results are achieved on a commercial brewing scale.

Full Video: Fundamentals of German-Style Brewing

In this 48-minute video, Eurisko Beer Co. Founder and German-trained brewer Zac Harris covers the fundamentals of German-style brewing, how it differs from brewing in the U.S., and offers specific style examples to help you make better beer.

Eurisko Beer Co. Helles & Doppelbock Recipes

These recipes accompany the Eurisko Beer Co. video on 'Fundamentals of German-Style Beers.'