Creating the Right Water Profile for Your German-style Beers (Video Tip)

With a little research and the right tools you can create a water profile that will give you a true to classic style beer. In this video tip, Zac Harris shares his expertise.

Zac Harris Mar 7, 2019 - 1 min read

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There's a lot of reasons that brewers flock to Asheville, North Carolina and the water is one of them. Zac Harris of Eurisko Beer Co. talks about how he works with water chemistry to make sure that the recipes he brews have a similar character to the point of origin. Learn more in this video tip.

In this video course, Eurisko Beer Co. Founder and German-trained brewer Zac Harris covers the fundamentals of German-style brewing, how it differs from brewing in the U.S., and offers specific style examples to help you make better beer. The course includes more than 45 minutes of video and 7 recipes.

Zac Harris is the founder of Eurisko Beer Co.