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Full Video: Quick Souring Methods

From Berliner Weisse to Gose and points in between, quick souring is rapidly becoming the time-constrained brewer's choice for building pleasant tartness on a schedule.

Gordon Schuck Nov 1, 2016 - 1 min read

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In this video, Funkwerks Cofounder Gordon Schuck will teach you several methods to help you brew your own quick sour beers at home. He'll also demonstrate how to evaluate acidity in your sour beer and how to maintain the warm temperatures needed to promote the growth of lactic acid bacteria. Topics for this video include:

  • Quick souring: What works well and what works best?
  • Microbes that contribute to sour beer
  • Mash souring
  • Kettle souring
  • Measuring acid levels using pH and titratable acidity
  • Styles that are well-suited to quick souring methods
  • Equipment and sanitation concerns

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