J.C. Hill

Video Tip: Coaxing Out Thiols and Tropical Aromas with Yeast and Enzymes

Microscopic and difficult to measure, thiols can nonetheless add up to big tropical aromas in IPAs and other beers. In this video tip, Alvarado Street brewing director J.C. Hill describes a way to free up more thiols using a special yeast.

Video Tip: Knockout Hops with Enzymes Versus Dry Hopping

Alvarado Street cofounder and brewing director J.C. Hill explains some sensory and technical differences between dry hopping and using knockout hops boosted by exogenous enzymes.

Video Tip: Adding Knockout Hops and Aroma-Boosting Enzymes at Alvarado Street

J.C. Hill explains the process that Alvarado Street Brewing follows in adding knockout hops and exogenous enzymes to its award-winning IPAs.

Video Tip: Using Enzymes to Supercharge Biotransformation in West Coast IPAs

Alvarado Street cofounder and brewing director J.C. Hill explains how an exogenous enzyme combined with ample knockout hops is boosting biotransformation for more vibrant hop aroma in their West Coast IPAs.

Video Course: Enzymes and Other Tricks for Boosting Hop Aroma, the Alvarado Street Way

Alvarado Street’s J.C. Hill leads this master class in using knockout hops, yeast, enzymes, and other techniques to squeeze the most aroma and flavor out of your hops.

Alvarado Street Brewery 'Contains No Juice' Expressive IPA Recipe

This Double IPA with 'expressive yeast' is one of Alvarado Street Brewery’s most popular beers.