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Full Video: Brewing Milkshake & Sour IPAs with Narrow Gauge

Known for pushing the envelope of full-bodied hazy IPAs packed with hops and fruit flavors, Jeff Hardesty of Narrow Gauge reveals his methods and lessons learned in this video.

Jeff Hardesty Feb 28, 2020 - 1 min read

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Jeff Hardesty, cofounder of Narrow Gauge Brewing Company in Florissant, Missouri, is one of the country's great IPA tinkerers. Through experimentation he has explored various ways to pack flavor into new-wave IPAs using a variety of ingredients at his disposal, all the while keeping balance in mind. Here he shares how he goes about brewing his acclaimed "milkshake" and fruited sour IPAs.

Among other topics, the full 55-minute video course covers:

  • What do we mean by "sour" and "milkshake" IPAs?
  • Developing recipes for these unusual beers
  • Acidification of sour IPAs
  • Whirlpool hopping
  • Adding fruit and other flavors
  • Purposeful blending of sour IPAs

And much more.

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