Andrew Kelley

Video Tip: Kettle-Souring for Evocative Beers

Aslin Beer cofounder Andrew Kelley walks us step-by-step through the brewery's kettle-souring process, from grist composition to adjusting the pH depending on fruit or other ingredients.

Video Tip: Finding Inspiration and Building an Evocative Recipe

Aslin Beer cofounder Andrew Kelley shares a detailed example of building a beer recipe to mimic the flavors and evoke a specific culinary experience—including specifics on how and when to add coffee.

Video Tip: Planning a Recipe for Desired Elements of Flavor

When developing beers meant to evoke specific foods, balancing bitterness, acidity, and residual sweetness are key elements that can be adjusted. Aslin Beer cofounder Andrew Kelley explains.

Video Tip: What Do Culinary Ingredients Bring to a Beer's Flavor?

Andrew Kelly, cofounder of Aslin Beer in Alexandria, Virginia, breaks down the elements of flavor and reminds us to think about what different brewing ingredients bring to the table when trying to mimic the flavors of favorite foods.

Full Video: Brewing Food-Inspired Beers with Aslin

In this All Access video course, Andrew Kelly explains Aslin's approach to conceiving, developing recipes for, and brewing beers meant to evoke memorable culinary experiences.