Video Tip: Planning a Recipe for Desired Elements of Flavor

When developing beers meant to evoke specific foods, balancing bitterness, acidity, and residual sweetness are key elements that can be adjusted. Aslin Beer cofounder Andrew Kelley explains.

Andrew Kelley Dec 2, 2020 - 2 min read

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Northern Virginia's Aslin Beer is known for a range of offbeat ales meant to evoke fun foods—especially those that stoke childhood nostalgia. In this video course, Aslin's cofounder Andrew Kelley walks us through their process—from inspiration to fermentation.

In the full 48-minute course, available to All Access subscribers, Kelley begins by talking inspiring culinary experiences, and then outlines their approach to emulating those flavors in the brewhouse and the cellar. Among other topics, he discusses:

  • finding that inspiration and deconstructing it
  • selecting ingredients, including various fruits, spices, and other adjuncts
  • deciding when in the process to use those ingredients
  • how "stressing the yeast" can lead to desirable outcomes
  • applying kettle-souring and IPA methods to food-inspired beers
  • water chemistry and mash choices
  • evaluating the results for fine-tuning

And much more, including two previously unpublished recipes.

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