Greg Engert

Video Tip: Break Down the Elements of Flavor

Greg Engert, beer director for the Neighborhood Restaurant Group, explains the components of flavor and how we perceive them, and thus how we enjoy our beers as well as our food.

Video Tip: Getting the Most Out of Stronger Beers

Temperature and glassware can play important supporting roles when pouring and enjoying stronger beers. Greg Engert explains how in this video tip.

Video Tip: Why Foam Matters

Foam is important not just for appearance, but also for aroma and how we experience a beer. In this video tip, Greg Engert explains why we go for foam when we pour (and when we brew).

Video Tip: The Importance of Serving Temperature

You might like cold beer and cold pizza—but you might also be missing out on flavors and aromas. Greg Engert explains why proper serving temperature is key to getting the most pleasure out of beer.

All Access Exclusive

Full Video: World-Class Beer Service with Greg Engert

From breaking down flavor profiles to proper pouring, glassware, and caring for draft lines, Greg Engert of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group lays out his approach to world-class beer service in this full-length video for All Access subscribers.