Video Tip: The Malt & Mash Regime Behind an Award-Winning Helles

From malt choices to mash out, Altstadt head brewer Craig Rowan explains how they mill and step-mash their medal-winning Lager.

Video Tip: The Supporting Roles of Hops & Yeast in a Munich-Style Helles

They’re not the stars of the show, but there are important considerations for hops and yeast selection when brewing a Munich-style helles. Altstadt head brewer Craig Rowan shares his recipe advice.

Video Tip: The Elements of a Great Helles

Altstadt head brewer Craig Rowan walks us through the grist and water profile of their award-winning Munich-style helles, Altstadt Lager.

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Video Course: Brewing Award-Winning Helles with Altstadt

Ready to dive deep into some helles? From grist to glass, join Altstadt head brewer Craig Rowan for a focused, detailed course on how to brew a great Munich-style helles.