Jeff Hardesty

Video Tip: The Role of Vanilla in Sour IPAs

Jeff Hardesty, founder and brewer at Narrow Gauge in Florissant, Missouri, on how vanilla can help round out sour IPAs.

Video Tip: Choosing Hops for Fruited Sour IPAs

In this clip from his full video course, Jeff Hardesty of Narrow Gauge explains how careful hops selection can emphasize fruit character in these intensely flavored hybrid beers.

Video Tip: Processing Vanilla Beans as a Beer Ingredient

Jeff Hardesty of Narrow Gauge discusses how he prepares vanilla beans before adding them to fermentors full of milkshake or sour fruited IPA.

All Access Exclusive

Recipe: Narrow Gauge’s Base Milkshake IPA

This homebrew-scale base recipe, provided by Jeff Hardesty of Narrow Gauge as part of his All Access video course, is open to a variety of fruit additions.

All Access Exclusive

Full Video: Brewing Milkshake & Sour IPAs with Narrow Gauge

Known for pushing the envelope of full-bodied hazy IPAs packed with hops and fruit flavors, Jeff Hardesty of Narrow Gauge reveals his methods and lessons learned in this video.