Video Tip: The Role of Vanilla in Sour IPAs

Jeff Hardesty, founder and brewer at Narrow Gauge in Florissant, Missouri, on how vanilla can help round out sour IPAs.

Jeff Hardesty Mar 26, 2020 - 1 min read

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Jeff Hardesty is founder and brewer at Narrow Gauge Brewing Company in Florissant, Missouri, just north of St. Louis. He and his brewery have gained a national reputation for big, no-holds-barred, hard-to-categorize IPAs, often partially soured with Lactobacillus and flavored with lactose, vanilla, and copious amounts of fruit.

In the full 55-minute video course, Hardesty digs into the details of his evolving approach to brewing "milkshake" and "sour" fruited IPAs. Among the topics covered:

  • What are milkshake and sour IPAs, anyway?
  • How to develop recipes for these unique sub-styles
  • Kettle-souring IPAs
  • Whirlpool and dry hopping
  • Adding fruit and other flavors
  • Wood-aging and blending sour IPAs

And much more.

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