Stuart Keating

Recipe: Earthbound Cozy Cowboy

This unusual gose-cider hybrid gets apple-cinnamon coziness from freshly ground mahlab and a hefty portion of cider concentrate. Lactose and lactic acid add sweetness and tartness to promote the apple, while mahlab adds nutty-spicy accents.

Video Tip: Brewing with Cedar Branches

Earthbound Beer's Stuart Keating shares advice on layering cedar branches in the mash tun and how it can boost the character of hop-forward beers.

Video Tip: Scaling Beer Recipes Up or Down

Brewing recipes often do not scale up or down in a linear fashion—especially when spices are involved. Stuart Keating of Earthbound Beer explains the pitfalls.

Video Tip: Using Chili Peppers to Preserve Ginger Aroma in Beer

Ginger aroma is notoriously unstable in beer, tending to diminish with time. Stuart Keating, cofounder of Earthbound Beer in St. Louis, Missouri, shares a trick on preserving that ginger impression by adding bird's eye chilies.

Video Tip: How to Brew with Oak Leaves

Pick them in the spring (watch for ticks), steep them to make a big tea, then use that as your mash water... Here, Stuart Keating, cofounder of Earthbound Beer in St. Louis, Missouri, describes a method of brewing with oak leaves.

Full Video: Brewing Unique Beers (Without Hops)

Stuart Keating, cofounder and head brewer of Earthbound Beer in St. Louis, Missouri, shares what he's learned from years of getting evocative (often beery) flavors out of a range of unusual (often un-beery) ingredients.

Recipe: Earthbound Cardamom Pepper Tea Blonde

Courtesy of Stuart Keating, founder of Earthbound Brewing in St. Louis, Missouri, here is a homebrew recipe for a crisp, sessionable blonde ale in which cardamom, black pepper, and black tea mimic the floral, spicy notes of British hops.