Style: Double IPA

ABV: 8.5

Aroma: 11
Appearance: 3
Flavor: 19
Mouthfeel: 4

Port Brewing Company Mongo Double IPA

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What the brewers say

“Mongo begins with a massive resinous aroma created by the judicious use of Columbus, Amarillo, and Cascade hops. The initial taste reveals notes of orange, mango, and citrus fruits with a piney bitterness and hoppy spice with some mild malt flavors on the finish.”

What our panel thought

Aroma: “Strong orange and pineapple with a bit of pine. Bready/toasty malt. Some perfume-like character.”

Flavor: “Assertive bitterness hits first and provides the context for everything else. The hops flavor slips in behind the bitter, with grapefruit and a woody pine, some pineapple and tropical fruit. Toasty malt adds body and a little sweetness. Nice juiciness, but finishes slightly dry.”

Overall: “Very drinkable! Tastes like a great example of a West Coast IIPA in terms of both hops and the body brought in by the malt bill. The character of the bitterness is nice.”

What our editors thought



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