Style: Hazy Single IPA

ABV: 5.9 IBU: 50.0

Aroma: 11
Appearance: 3
Flavor: 18
Mouthfeel: 5

Black Shirt Brewing Okul Wheat IPA

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What the brewers say

Star fruit, melon, and watermelon rind. Dry hopped with Simcoe and Galaxy.

What our panel thought

Hints of spearmint, pine, citrus, and light caramel malt create an unusual aroma for the style. The flavor pro-file is equally unusual with aspects of onion, garlic, pine, and grapefruit pith in a light caramel malt backbone. It finishes a bit dry and lightly bitter, but it doesn’t linger. The caramel notes make the beer seem more filling than refreshing.

What our editors thought

A richer, deeper nose offers roasted caramelized papaya and mango with a lime squeezed over them. The sip is broadly sweet and expansive with a fruit-smoothie thickness and faint fruity notes.



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